32. Is Scream 4 better then we remember? Does anyone care? (2011)

January 13, 2022 FilmFloggers Season 3 Episode 14
32. Is Scream 4 better then we remember? Does anyone care? (2011)
Show Notes

Are you ready? We're back with a whimper but back to doing 15 minutes of Flog properly.

With 5cream oh sorry, Scream (catchy) just around the corner, we decided to dust off the old cobwebs, and like most horror fans across the globe this week, delve back into Woodsboro head (penis) first.

Stay till the end (or skip till the end) to hear a sneak peek of all the wacky new segments we have coming up on the show in 2022.

You'll think we're bloody bonkers.

Or just incredibly unfunny.

Please love us.

Topics discussed during the episode that will make you scream include:

We get off to a solid start with actors' names.

Fiona has a little bit of trivia for everything.

Neve Campbell reminds Ben about Kevin Bacon's bits.

Who's Rory Culkin related to?

Have we run FilmFloggers into the ground?

Fiona has another piece of interesting trivia.

Fiona tries to get a rise out of Ben by mentioning CGI Knives.

See you at the Crossroads Crossroads - Remember Blazin' Squad?

Would Mr Ninja Trevor as Ghostface have been a big turd to the audience's face?

Timothy Olyphant reminds me to rewatch The Girl Next Door.

Courtney Cox is filler shamed. Shame on you, Fiona.

Does our flat have enough floor space to enable us to be considered for future Ghostfaces?

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