FilmFloggers Trailer

January 13, 2022 FilmFloggers
FilmFloggers Trailer
Show Notes

We have had this promo lying around the place doing nothing, so here it is, in the form of a trailer.

This gives you a rough idea of what to expect from your flogging experience. 

Watch out for our New intro, outro and segments dropping in 2022! 

How exciting for everyone. 

A big thank you to Vick from Action B -Rated for producing the music. 

We miss you, buddy.  

Action B-Rated-

Topics discussed during the trailer include: 

Why people probably shouldn't be listening to FilmFloggers. 

We get serious.

Is Fiona's bullsh*t trivia well researched?  

Is Fiona great craic?  

Why FilmFloggers? Well, why not? 

We have over 70 years of film watching experience...70! 

Does my co-host Thomas get it in, get it on and do girls enjoy his flog?

Ben doesn't like to share.

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