80. Klaus (2019)

December 24, 2021 FilmFloggers Season 1 Episode 49
80. Klaus (2019)
Show Notes

Thank fu*k that's over.

The first FilmFoggers episode where Ben hasn't ticked the explicit box. This means our ramblings on Klaus can be delivered to children worldwide.

We did have one or two minor slip-ups but nothing 19 (yes 19) beeps couldn't fix. All for your listening pleasure.

Have a great Christmas, Boys and Girls. 

Father Flogmas.

Festive topics discussed during the episode include:

A first for Floggers, a swear-free episode. For the children.

Ben throws the Rodecaster under the bus.

Is Ben's new microphone gain hungry? What does that mean? Do you care?

Fiona asks me to leave her Gain alone.

No swearing's going well.

Good to hear that Fiona would retweet us.

We countdown our 12 days. It could have gone better.

Who do we blame for the failure of the 12 days of Flogmas? Sophie from SP filmviewers by the sounds of it.

Thank you, Sergio Pablos, for creating minions.

Ben gets caught out when Fiona checks in to see if he's still listening.

Fiona's Norwegian needs work.

Are FilmFloggers selfish? Have you not seen all the content we've provided you these last three months? YOU'RE SELFISH!

Shout out to South East Dog Rescue, to who Fiona has donated my entire Christmas present fund.

Ben's a big fan of the new Lion King. He's part of the Beyhive.

No swearing's going well.

Jesper or Jasper, Ben can't nail that name down.

So Klaus's origins consist of getting a postman to go on a breaking and entering crime spree?

It takes till the 31-minute mark before the not swearing penny drops.

Fiona thinks she may have accidentally sworn once. ONCE.

What do Fiona and Klaus have in common?

Fiona won't do any episodes until all of Ben's chores are finished. That hoover has been on every day for three months. 

So it turns out Dan Machholz isn't the only friend Ben has over the age of 80.

How many bad Christmas films get away with it purely because they have a Christmas backdrop?

Not even Arnie can save Jingle All The Way.

Fiona's vulgar comments almost derail this kid-friendly episode.

I'm currently writing these episode notes on Christmas Eve when I should be with my family. You are my family.

Does Ben have an incurable disease?

You can find us on Goodreads.

Ben finally remembers to mention that Sopranos show he does.

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