31. Better Watch Out (2016)

December 20, 2021 FilmFloggers Season 3 Episode 13
31. Better Watch Out (2016)
Show Notes

As we are still digesting the wildly successful Flogoween season, we thought it best that the team (Ben) put their (his) feet up and take the rest of the year off.

This would allow us (Ben) to immerse ourselves (himself) in the festive season fully, spend more time listening to the many other great indie podcasts (FilmFloggers) and bask in the glory of releasing 31 Horror films during the 31 days of October.

And, to be perfectly honest, let some of the other indie podcasts do some work for once.

Great work, I might add. 

So there's only one thing left to say, Happy...12 days of Flogmas.

And my mum always said she spoiled me at Christmas. (Still does, apparently)

Happy Flogmas one & all!

Who's excited for the 14 days of Floggingtine?

Witty Easter name pending.

Festive topics discussed during the episode include:

I always forget to say this. Do watch the film before listening to our (My) Dulcet tones. 

My new microphone makes me sound disgusting, apparently.

It also makes me sound boring, apparently. Or have I always been a borefest?

I will say, for whatever reason, It does sound like I have the microphone shoved up my arse all episode.

Why is Fiona showering me with compliments? 

Ben drones on about proper mic technique, proceeds to have lousy mic technique.

Did anyone listen to our Tangerine episode? Any takers for our Batman Returns Episode? Just Dan Machholz then, and even he thought it was bang average :(

Has The Thomas's enthusiasm for FilmFloggers finally worn off? Some would say it had a year ago. Haters.

Ben politely asks Fiona to put her Covid back in her mouth.

Much like Ben's mental state, The lyrics to our 12 Days of Flogmas (same as the original) start to descend into chaos.

Ben politely asks Fiona to stop signing.

Did anyone watch Pan?

We're still getting those IMDB letters wrong.

13 Reasons Why has four seasons...Did we get 52 reasons why? Quick maths.

Ben questions the idea of 12-year-olds talking about Pussy...

Has Fiona ever made it past 1st base?

There's a fair few Christmas horror films out there, a fair few sh*t ones as well.

Fiona has one job, to keep an eye on the clock...The 30-second countdown starts at 26 seconds now, apparently.

Fiona's very critical of a recently shot 12-year-old kid crying for his Mummy.

How do you pronounce the letter R?

How do we get on iTunes?

Ben's whoring himself out? Any takers?

Fiona is willing to record on Christmas day. Any takers?

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