30. Scrooge/A Christmas Carol (1951)

December 18, 2021 FilmFloggers Season 3 Episode 12
30. Scrooge/A Christmas Carol (1951)
Show Notes

As we are still digesting the wildly successful Flogoween season, we thought it best that the team (Ben) put their (his) feet up and take the rest of the year off.

This would allow us (Ben) to immerse ourselves (himself) in the festive season fully, spend more time listening to the many other great indie podcasts (FilmFloggers) and bask in the glory of releasing 31 Horror films during the 31 days of October.

And, to be perfectly honest, let some of the other indie podcasts do some work for once.

Great work, I might add. 

So there's only one thing left to say, Happy...12 days of Flogmas.

And my mum always said she spoiled me at Christmas. (Still does, apparently)

Happy Flogmas one & all!

Who's excited for the 14 days of Floggingtine?

Witty Easter name pending.

Festive topics discussed during the episode include:

Fiona doesn't want her Christmas present.

I promised myself I wouldn't let Fiona influence my swearing habits over the festive period.

Fiona takes great pleasure in making me unwell.

Ben realises he won't have much room in his travel case after packing the Rodecaster.

Whenever I see The Thomas, something comes over me where all I want to do is smash a squash racquet against a wall.

Bullshit Trivia Alert: The Racquetball audience led to this films name being changed

A cleverly planted delivery driver helps Ben gain an extra 30 seconds on the clock. 

As long as Ben doesn't have to look at you or see you, he's more than willing to wish you a Merry Christmas. 

Is Fiona the chain I forged in life?

Is anyone willing to let me borrow their bolt cutters?

Is Ben the next Charles Dickens? He certainly thinks so. 

Is caressing a raw Christmas turkey a family tradition?

Tiny Tim isn't that tiny.

I wouldn't be against blowing the bloody doors off The Muppets Christmas Carol and putting Kermit & co in the bin.

Bah Humbug, everyone.

We end the episode with a rundown of all 10,000 adaptations of A Christmas Carol.

Kelsey Grammer? Frasier? Am I missing something?

Jim Carrey, Patrick Stewart, Robert Zemeckis, some famous people.

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Fiona turns into a complete creep-fest.

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