60. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

October 11, 2021 FilmFloggers Season 2 Episode 25
60. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
Show Notes

(A Ben & Tom episode - prepare for bone dry humour and challenges to the absurd.)

Flogoween edition!

Topics discussed during the episode:

Did Tobe Hooper make a massive booboo by going with the name Leatherface over headcheese?

There is a chaotic discussion on the various lots of sequels, remakes, prequels, & 3D experiences out there to enjoy!   

Which famous London landmark does Leatherface find himself in?

Did the 70s bring horror to life?

Why daylight horror is a whole new form of unpleasantness

The Thomas shows off his Steelbook edition & talks about how he narrowly escaped being arrested in HMV. 

A Steelbook edition is abit too fancy for me; more griminess & blast off on an old broken VHS copy for me, please. 

What's your favourite face? Dare I say I loved that shade of lippy on Leatherface?

The hitchhiker reminds me of that one friend on a night who always has their phone out, taking pictures to use against you in the morning.

Just how bad was Gunnar Hansen's BO?

Was that Grandpa Sawyer or a wax candle?

I have another Universal studio horror house story that ruins the mystique of the wax candle.

Ed Gein's tit bag would give any of the fashion big hitters a run for their money.

Do you ever spend your lunch break thinking about Leatherface?

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