6. The Fifth Element (1997)

September 21, 2021 FilmFloggers Season 3 Episode 6
6. The Fifth Element (1997)
Show Notes

Welcome to 15 minutes of Flog, the bitesize companion piece to the world-renowned FilmFloggers podcast! Here you'll find a Notorious waffler and a renowned Bullsh*t trivia expert attempting to condense their useless long-winded points into just 15 minutes!   

No bullshit this episode, as The Thomas makes his long-awaited 15 minutes of Flog debut. (Actually, this is his second 15 minute flog appearance as his proper debut will be coming up in our 31 days of horror flog, but who's counting?)   

Either way, was it worth the wait? 


Topics crammed into the 15 minutes include:

Was an orange vested Bruce Willis the last time we saw the real Bruce Willis? 

How did someone that svelte ingest stones that big? 

Why is she blue? 

How is she so good at singing opera with a belly full of bricks? 

Chris Tucker, not Chris Rock...What was that? 

Would you go all night long all night ohhhhhh with Ruby Rhod? 

How is the great evil making calls from a giant ball of fire? 

Gary Oldman...The hair? The plastic headpiece? Does anyone else bleed HP sauce? 

Are you a fan of dungarees? 

What were you doing at 16? And why weren't you writing The Fifth Element? What was I doing? Pulling another all-nighter searching for the golden warthog on Halo 2, most likely. Worth it. 

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