88. Face/Off (1997)

May 09, 2022 FilmFloggers W/ Dan Machholz & Sean from Review It Yourself Podcast Season 1 Episode 57
88. Face/Off (1997)
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As Ben continues to struggle under the unbearable weight of his massive talent, he thought best to rope in someone else to see if they can work with The Machholz.

I don't think Sean will be coming back.

Let's sit back and feast on two juggernauts of cinema, Sean Travolta and Dan Cage, as they Face.........Off in John Woo's 90's action classic.

OOOOHHH, WEEE, This Film's Still Good Looking! Ya Hot!

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Dan has a youtube channel...No really:
Hockey rubbish mainly:


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(3:25) Review Start

(16:25) Cage or Travolta?

(24:18) Dolly The Sheep

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Topics that we could have talked about for hours include:

Dan gets snarky with Ben and laughs our guest out of the room in the first 60 seconds.

How drunk do you need to be to tolerate conversation with Dan?

Do they make movies like they used to?

Sean explains why he doesn't want Terminator 16: Rise of the nursing home residents for Judgement Day with Dark Fates and no chance of Salvation. Genisys...Jai Courtney...

Ben hates CGI. Does that make him a hater?

Sean channels his inner Fiona with a proper trivia dump.

Decent trivia, Sean. God, Fiona sucks. She has one job. ONE

Dan's new hobby of punching his boom arm continues.

Dan's a twat & would anyone be sad if Sean sniped him and his son during their weekly visit to the local merry-go-round? Ok, just Dan.

Dan doesn't care much for the science of face swapping or Dolly the sheep.

Sean counters Dan's flimsy argument by questioning Travolta's & Cage's hairdresser.

Does Sean enjoy sexual harassment?

Face/Off 2 to be a PG 13? So no Face swapping then? Face/On?

Is social media to blame for squeezing the life out of cinema?

Is Dan one of those ghouls who tried to get in your pants?

John Woo just loves a duel wielding dove jumping slow-mo through mirrors.

Sean reminisces about the 90s and the mighty PS1.

Dan reminds everyone how old he is and then accuses Sean of being stuck in a nostalgia trap.

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Catchy New Intro
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Cage or Travolta?
Dolly The Sheep
FilmFloggers New Tagline
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