86. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

April 21, 2022 FilmFloggers & Dan Machholz Season 1 Episode 55
86. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
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Before listening to us waffle about this 80's classic, do yourself a favour and jump over to a proper show in the form of The Video Vintage Podcast.

They are rewatching and reviewing every major film release of the 1980s in chronological order for your amusement!

You brave souls!

Check them out below, and then maybe come back to this junk. Or not. 

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Show Notes

Way back when my former co-host & I said many nice things about Raiders of the Lost Ark and how OK the whole experience was. This nonchalant approach seemingly triggered some random Canadian bloke who hasn't stopped talking about it since.

That Canadian (did I mention bald?) bloke now calling himself my co-host joins me again as we go for a ride full of screaming sidekicks and oddly glowing CGI.



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Topics discussed then thrown straight into a fiery pit include:   

Ben gave up his usually jam-packed Friday evening for this.

Does anyone want to talk to Ben until they die?

Dan's dementia kicks in when remembering Ben's age

Dan throws Tom's energy levels under the bus.

There are Impressions galore as Dan channels his inner Tom to chat about mincing and sacred stones.

Imagine if this whole film was all about the Thugee?

Do all Canadian dentists take your 8-year-old to the cinema for you?

Is Willie a fish out of water who needs drowning?

Who else wished they were a Chinese kid with blocks on their feet listening to Indy bone woman?

Does Dan have a photo of Ben on his bedside cabinet?

Is this podcast both sinking and crashing?

How filthy is Indiana Jones 5 going to be?

Dan keeps defending the weird glowing CGI.

Is Ben a Minecraft guy?

Don't you miss being a bald 8-year-old Canadian kid, free from the worries of racism and xenophobia?

Ben calls for more cult chanting & Short Round impressions.

Is Ben dour and incapable of having fun?


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