87. The Batman (2022)

April 27, 2022 FilmFloggers, Lindsay From Schlock & Awe and some Dan bloke Season 1 Episode 56
87. The Batman (2022)
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Best in class and the leading figure in the indie podcast scene, Lindsay from Schlock and Awe, joins Ben and some bald Batman wannabe to figure out the price for repairing Ben's blind eye after being attached virtually by the wannabe. 

There will be vengeance.


) -  Dan attempts a take-over 

(2:25) - What do we want from our Batman?

(31:20) - Bruce Wayne chat.

(41:20) - The many examples of Dan being a smart arse. 

(1:05:00) - Closing thoughts

Topics discussed in and out of the shadows during the episode include:

Ben puts his foot in it with his Indy and Batman comparison.  

What does Ben want from his Batman? 

Ben's use of the word lame gets Dan's ears steaming.

Lindsay reminds Ben that he needs to expand his German Expressionist film catalogue.

Ice Hockey is lame. Especially the Canucks. Mark Messier gets a pass. 

Does Lindsay agree with the Community inspired lame Batman narration? 

Dan gets his own back on Ben by bringing up his Superman 3 birthday present from Lindsay. 

Dan starts to list all the lame openers from previous Batman films.

Lindsay's spine tingles when speaking Batman's Rogue Gallery.

Message for Dan: Stop hitting your boom arm! Dick. 

Ben brings the tone down again with his take on Paul Dano's Riddler. 

How often can Dan clear his throat to stop his bald head from exploding? 

Lindsay enjoys Colin Farrel as a goofy waddling gangster.

Dan interrupts Linday mid-flow to loudly applaud her Bruce Wayne take. This guy. 

How can you live in the shadows but still knock on doors? 

Does Dan answer Ben's question about detective Batman adequately? 

At this point, are The Joker and Batman cancelling each other out?

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Dan attempts a take-over
What do we want from our Batman?
Bruce Wayne chat.
Dan being a smart arse.
Closing thoughts