85. Logan (2017)

April 08, 2022 FilmFloggers Season 1 Episode 54
85. Logan (2017)
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Back by not so popular demand and bringing a catchy new intro with him, Mr Dan Machholz is here to chat about a character that inspired him to procreate.

Thanks for that, Logan.
Could he not of gone with Wolverine? 
Will Dan become a permanent fixture of the show?
Have you just thrown up in your mouth at the thought?
Will we try anything for an extra download?
How the mighty have fallen.


(0:00) - Shiny New Intro

(1:10 ) - Mini The Batman Review

(7:09) - Logan Review

(52:00)- Indiana Jones and Closing Wafflings

(54:13) - Flog Score

Topics clawed at in this episode include:

Does Dan realise that Ben is The Batman?

Is Ben counting the sleeps till Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? (I had to google that)

How non-commital Is Ben to the idea of Dan being his new co-host?

When do we get some R rated Marvel? 

Ben gets snarky about Hugh Jackman's natty body transformation.

Ben breathes a massive sigh of relief, knowing Fiona isn't here to challenge his six-pack claim.

Does anyone care about Jean Grey?

Dan brings up Superman 3, knowing it ruined Ben's birthday.

Dan gushes over his compatriot in baldness (Similar age), Patrick Stewart.

The Spider, Owl hit team I sent over to dispatch Machholz fails miserably.

Dan goes off on a massive social commentary tirade about how much the world sucks.

Dan cynically thinks that not everything on Twitter is what it seems.

Dan keeps waffling about sad real-life events that have nothing to do with Logan. 

Imagine finally making it to a Canadian haven to find out Dan Machholz lives there.

Dan relives his harrowing Coco cinema experience with The Wolverine.

Has anyone forgiven Indiana Jones yet?

Ben blows Dan's tiny bald mind with his answer to the Shat score.

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Shiny New Intro
Mini The Batman Review
Logan Review
Indiana Jones and closing wafflings
Flog Score