38. G.I Jane (1997)

April 04, 2022 FilmFloggers Season 3 Episode 20
38. G.I Jane (1997)
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Welcome to 15 minutes of Covid


The first 2 minutes & 20 seconds of this episode are entirely riddled with technical mishaps for unexplained reasons.

I blame Jada.

And Irish COVID.

On with the show.

So now Ben can add Covid to the growing list of shit he's been lumbered with from Ireland.

We missed the Oscars this year because of our diseased riddled Irish vacation.

Do we miss anything?

Any funny gags from Chris Rock?

And the random film we pulled out of The Sorting Hat this week was G.I Jane...   



2 Minutes of Weird Covid Technical Mishaps


Random Technical Mishaps End - Enjoy! 


30 Second Countdown - Review Summary 


The Slap, Future And A Red Roundtable Discussion

Non-Covid and Oscar topics discussed during the episode include:

DJ Covid takes to the decks for the first 2 minutes & 20 seconds of the episode.

The irony of Ben saying
, 'will this episode be listenable' isn't lost on him.

While shaking, sweating, and coughing, Ben insists he doesn't have Covid.

How much disdain does Ben's non-covid illness have for The Smiths?

Is Twitter a fun place?

Ben's non-Covid related illness can't get a word in edgeways!

Why do the Oscars suck?

Does Ben like to chew on carpet? 

Random thought, would G.I Jane of been better with Jada Pinkett Smith?

How's Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moores's marriage getting on?

Does this Podcast deserve a Razzie?

Ben lambasts Fiona for not being able to do one-arm push-ups.

And for not having fake boobs.

Do you like to fart in the forest?

Who knew Aragorn was into D. H. Lawerence?

Does Ben yearn to be a lesbian?

Would anyone be interested in hearing about Ben's entanglements around the round table?

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2 Minutes of Weird Covid Technical Mishaps
Random Technical Mishaps End - Enjoy!
30 Second Countdown
The Slap, Future And A Red Roundtable Discussion