37. Belfast (2021)

March 17, 2022 FilmFloggers Season 3 Episode 19
37. Belfast (2021)
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I am blessed to live with an Irish republican.

Rumour has it that said republican's Dad was the one who planted the bomb on Lord Mountbatten's boat...

Tiocfaidh ár lá I heard her say this morning.
No idea what that means.

And you thought the Catholics and Protestants were at each other's throats...I'll stop now.

With it being a day of celebration for you Irish lot and with the Oscars fast approaching, Ben thought it best to bring down the jovial tone by reliving the troubles of 1969 depicted in Kenneth Brannagh's Belfast. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

Northern and Republican topics discussed during the episode include:

Fiona tries to claim Dame Judy Dench.

Is Ben a man of God?

Should Ben shoot himself in the face? Don't answer that.

Ben wants to let the people of Ireland know (Northern and Republic) how awful their accents are.

Is Ben turning into Austin Powers? Oh Behave

Was Ben wrongly overlooked for Christian Grey?

An Irish family vs a Deaf family...who's your money on for this year's best picture award?

The worse 30-second countdown final film thoughts summary so far. That's a mouth full.

Does Fiona's heart skip a beat every time Ben walks into the room with the microphones?

Ben gives Kenneth Brannugh some directing tips. 

While Ben works on his breaststroke, Jamie Dornan will be working on Fiona's breasts...

Does Jamie Dornan know about this?

What does Michael D Higgins do exactly?


(0:00) - Audio issues... Happy Paddy's Day! 

(1:09) - Review Start 

(18:00) - Hilarious Segments 

(21:08) - Irish themed shoutouts

(25:40) - Terrible CTA'S

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Audio issues... Happy Paddy's Day!
Review Start
Hilarious Segments
Irish themed shoutouts