84. Austin Powers Trilogy - Goldmember stinks (1997) (1999) (2002)

March 14, 2022 FilmFloggers Season 1 Episode 53
84. Austin Powers Trilogy - Goldmember stinks (1997) (1999) (2002)
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"You Know, I Have One Simple Request, And That Is To Have Sharks With Frickin' Laser Beams Attached To Their Heads!"

The dream...And the only thing keeping this podcast going. Sharks with frickin laser beams quickly follow fame and fortune. 

Anywho, hop in our shaguar, and let us take you for a spin back to the first two Austin Powers films. 

And some brief mentions of the hideous Goldmember. 

What awaits you at your final destination? Bad teeth and an Irish mini-me with a bad attitude?


Do FilmFloggers make you randy? 

Ben lost his mojo years ago, but let's hope you find this episode very shagadelic. (Energies were lacking for this week's usually hilarious episode notes)

Groovy Topics discussed in this episode include:

Do you want Fiona to shag you now or later? 

Fiona's a complete creep show this episode. Baby.

Someone's looking as Gay as Christmas.   

Did anyone pick up on the James Bond references? Fiona didn't. 

What have James Bond and The Twilight Zone got in common? Nothing

How many random tasks does Dan Machholz's penis perform?

Does Ben shag like a minx? 

Fiona gets very animated when talking about combovers. 

Is Fiona Ben's mini Mr Bigglesworth?

Mass confusion rains down with Boogie Woogie and Boogie Nights.

How Liz Hurley, Heather Graham & Beyonce all bring their own spin on being terrible.

Is this podcast abit nutty?

Would eating Fiona would be the solution to Ben's problems?

Ben talks about when he didn't have a drink with Verne Troyer.

Ben backtracks on his Asian impression mid-sentence.

Does Fiona smoke after sex? I don't know, baby, I never looked...Sorry.


- Teasing chitchat 

(2:14) - Review starts. 

(18:20) - Woeful CTA

(29:40) - Film Clips 

(37:57) - Hilarious Segments

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Teasing chitchat
Review starts.
Woeful CTA
Film Clips
Hilarious Segments