82. Stranger By The Lake (2013) A French Erotic Thriller Drama

February 21, 2022 FilmFloggers Season 1 Episode 51
82. Stranger By The Lake (2013) A French Erotic Thriller Drama
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Two straight-ish men pop on their Asics for a stroll by the lake and, in the process, furiously masturdebate over whether or not an ejaculating penis is a barrier to entry?

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Topics rimmed into this episode include:

  • Is Skype music good clubbing material?   
  • Ben gives his 2 cents on Disney +'s Pam and Tommy.
  • Tom's erotic film knowledge is put to the test. Shuddering Cocks and all.
  • Tom thanks Joe Eszterhas for all the trashy junk.
  • It's all here: De Palma, Robocop, Wild Things, Kevin Bacon. 
  • Ben thinks Blue is The Warmest Colour is long. So, now you know.
  • How much rimming is too much rimming? 
  • Ben enjoys saying the name Franck.  
  • Are the guys (straight guys) getting American psycho vibes? 
  • How many times can Ben say he's not a Gay man?
  • How well did William Freidkin and the leather-sporting Al Pacino portray the Cruising scene? 
  • Have you ever had an unexpected explosion from the spout hit you in the chin? 
  • Are Tom's parent's massive prudes? Loosen up abit. 
  • Tom needs to go back to watch all the rimming he missed.
  • Does this film have Michael Haneke's hands all over it? 
  • Ben never leaves the house without his toothbrush.  
  • Is Inspector Damroder on a wind-up? 
  • Did we do LGBT history month proud? 
  • Fiona pops in to prove yet again we are just ordinary people. 

What do Wentworth Miller, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Neil Patrick Harris, Ricky Martin, Phillip Schofield, Stephen Fry, Ru Paul & Jack Nash all have in common?

No idea.

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Ben Davis  0:01  
Oh, we haven't lost the touch. We're still good at that.

Tom  0:03  

Ben Davis  0:06  
Baaa daaa and all that. Skypes that's what you know he's about to go off. Baaa daaa Boom

Tom  0:14  

Ben Davis  0:14  
but better. Yeah. You go clubbing with that one. Yeah. A lot of

Tom  0:22  
Oh, by the way, I started watching. I started watching Pam and Tommy last night, right? Yeah, it's cheap. It's gross. 

Ben Davis  0:30  
It's on Disney plus, isn't it? Yeah. Is Yeah.

Tom  0:33  
It's just really depressing, actually. Oh, I can imagine how depressing he is in the whole situation. Just bleek.

Ben Davis  0:39  
Who cares about our fucking gross their lifestyle is and their marriage and all this shit. Pamela Anderson? Oh, man.

Tom  0:47  
I know why I don't really know who she is to be honest. I don't really know anything about Pamela Anderson. She was just, she was just on Baywatch.

Ben Davis  0:53  
And then she did that sex tape with old Tommy Boy. And then. I don't know, did he have hep B or hep C and then passed that along. And all this.

Tom  1:04  
Oh, is that what it is? Is that the tragedy? Is that like the trauma bit?

Ben Davis  1:07  
I think so. Yeah.

Tom  1:09  
So what is what does that mean? I don't know. Right?

Ben Davis  1:16  
I wouldn't want to take a guess at what, what happens when you get hep B or Hep C and what the consequences are? I'm sure it's far from ideal. Yeah. Alright, mate, we

Tom  1:26  
you know, you kick us off please. You know, tell us tell tell the fucking listeners what are they listening to you today?

Ben Davis  1:31  
Back with a bang? Back with an explosive bang?

Ben 1:34  
Yeah, yeah. Why hi 

Ben Davis  1:35  
Tom, it's just great to see you. Hello. Yeah. No, it's

Tom  1:37  
been it's been too long, hasn't it? It's been about a month now.

Ben Davis  1:40  
Yeah. Yeah. How have you been you know? I've

Tom  1:41  
just been sat for a month and a half doing nothing. doing absolutely nothing waiting for you to call and say Tom, you know, get on the blower and that's record Stranger by the lake. Yeah. Or is it the lake Sorry, I've got maybe got a tie on.

Ben Davis  1:53  
I think there's no the stranger. Oh, oh, sorry. Oh, sorry. Yes. Yeah. The Stranger by the lake, Stranger by the lake. Yes. Stranger by the lake. Yeah, yeah. It's, uh, yeah, well, I think our last one was Tangerine. So we're okay. Yeah,

Tom  2:13  
maybe there's a bit of a theme developing here possibly. Yeah, I think it's I mean, I mean, I guess you know, both low budget and both pretty experimental. Yeah. I don't know how much reticence there is with this one. I feel like whoever's making it is is going out all guns blazing quite literally, you know, shuddering Cocks and all. They're not hanging about?

Ben Davis  2:36  
No, no, no. And me and Fiona did Titane or tin tin you know the body horror one that usually gets titane a tight as well. You know, it's Frenchman you know, could be tin tin

Tom  2:48  
nah won't be tin tin. Yeah. Yeah.

Ben Davis  2:52  
So yeah, that was an interesting one. Yeah. French slash Belgium. I think that one was, so keep it on the French scene.

Tom  3:00  
The directors friend of Titane is Belgian. Isn't she? Is that right? I thought  She was French. Oh, is she French? I feel like there's a Belgian thing going on there. Alright. Okay.

Ben Davis  3:13  
Yeah. What's your what's your history with erotic thrillers? Do you have any history of the across the board? You know, I'm not just talking French. I'm talking. I'm talking junk like 50 Shades of Grey. I'm assuming we're counting that as a an erotic thriller. 50 shades?

Tom  3:28  
Yeah, well, I'm actually just pulling up just so I can actually form a proper response to this. Well, hang on, you know, what about WIld Things? what? Well, well, so what I was gonna say was, I think it is it caught who writes all that junk? You know, Joe Eszterhas  or something? He wrote like Jade and basic instinct and all that. All right. Yeah. Yeah. Let me just make sure that

Ben Davis  3:54  
I get that. Oh, she's great. Have you back you know, you've you've prepped.

Tom  3:58  
Well, it's it's it's slick, isn't it? It's always so sleek. And it just that's just the way it is. Did I say Joel? I think it's Joe is Joe Eszterhas All right. Yes. Yes. And he wrote you know, Jade and Basic Instinct, as I've already said, amongst others. And so that that's generally like quite trashy, you know us. I mean, basically seems a bit better. But you know, Jade especially we use Caruso element. Oh, yeah, of course. Yeah. It's a lot of dildos involved.  a lot of craziness. And I think that's something I think that San Francisco David Caruso just just running around there.

Ben Davis  4:37  
I touched upon crash in the Titane episode, you know, you

Tom  4:41  
know Cronenberg Yes. Probably worth a look actually probably will absolutely I'd be I'm actually meaning to watch that but I can't You can't really justify sitting down on your own to watch crash without without a purpose.

Ben Davis  4:52  
Yeah, well, we'll see how this one goes and then maybe crash will be will be the next one. Maybe we'll have a lighter one after this and then hit some Crash. Maybe Yeah,

Tom  5:01  
yeah, I mean, of course crash 1996 We're not referring to the 2004. Paul. Haggis. Is it haggis? Possibly.

Ben Davis  5:10  
Yes. Yeah. Let's let's not spend too much time talking about that. They're talking about that crash. Yeah. Not not for me.

Tom  5:17  
But no, I mean, 50 Shades of Grey. I haven't seen that. But I think True, true erotic thriller. I think I've seen a bit of right. I'm comfortable with an erotic thriller. I you know, I'd have a problem with what's the

Ben Davis  5:28  
what's the De palma one? That's quite good. That's probably worth a look is why in some department. It's got Michael Caine in, isn't it? Wait a minute. Is it dressed to kill? What dress to kill? Dress to kill? Could be it's got the woman from Robocop in it. Maybe and I think I'm

Tom  5:47  
pretty sure that his De palma we're seeing that? Yeah, I think it is. Yeah, you're right. Brian De Palma. I haven't seen dressed to kill. Yeah, you're you're absolutely spot on. They're gonna say Robocop. You know, this guy knows what he's talking about. Oh, it

Ben Davis  6:00  
is alright. Well, yeah. Well, you know, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I

Tom  6:04  
haven't seen that.

Ben Davis  6:07  
What have you been doing? You know, what have you been doing these last eight weeks? You know, just twiddling your thumbs.

Tom  6:11  
Well, like I say, I've just been staring at the wall. Yeah.

Ben Davis  6:17  
What's the what's the three hour lesbian extravaganza? Oh, Blue is the Warmest colour. That's the one that's French, isn't it?

Tom  6:24  
That's French. I don't have too much thrill going on there that that's No, that's more just three hour lesbian genre.

Tom  6:31  
Yeah. Romance. Yeah, that's yeah,

Tom  6:35  
it's not it's pretty good. It's

Ben Davis  6:36  
yeah, it's it's long. It's long. It's long. It's long. It goes, it keeps going.

Tom  6:41  
I saw that in Nottingham. Actually, on my own.

Ben Davis  6:43  
Now in the old picture house. Oh, no, no. Broadway. Was that Broadway? Yeah, well, yeah, that's

Tom  6:49  
right. Yeah. I don't know why I was there. On my own. But yeah, yeah. Watch that. Great. If you're going to go somewhere on your own, for 3 hour, go and see a decent film. Go hit that a decent place. Great place. Yeah. But I mean, just just just, you know, flicking it back to stranger by the Lake Sorry. Yeah. I've seen this more than once. You know, this is not my first rodeo on the on the beach. I've been here before.

Ben Davis  7:14  
Yeah, yeah. This is my second second. Go at it. Yeah. Yeah. You know, before we get into into the nitty gritty of everything, it's a, I think it's a good film. I think it's so well. It's well made, I actually think there's quite a lot of tension. I'm I'm not, you know, I'm on the edge of my seat going. Oh, God. Oh, god. Yeah. But that's probably because it's really well shot, which helps. Yeah, I heard that the director had a lot more, there's a lot more sex going on. And he cut the cut a lot of out. Because he didn't want it to be all about the sex. And I think you said off mic you're like, well, there's, there's plenty. Oh, there's

Tom  7:52  
enough in there.

Ben Davis  7:53  
I think that was a good decision, a wise decision from the director. Because I think if there was, if there was another like several scenes of just pure, pure sex, yeah, you know, how much rimming can we say before it's like, again, it's part of the experience is part of the cruising scene, it's fine. But how many? How many different angles on it to see this from before? It's like, this is this is taken. I'm getting it. This is taken away from you know, actually a really good film I thought was actually pretty well put together. So I think the sex stuff was probably just about right.

Tom  8:23  
You're quite right. I mean, that the sex doesn't although it's extremely full on. I suspect it's it's real. Is it?

Ben Davis  8:30  
Oh, yeah. Or it's all happening? Yeah. Yeah, that's, that's a real cum shot. And look thing is when you see the cum shot and some of the other graphic stuff on screen, but focusing on the cum shot, it is quite shocking. It does. You know, I was taken aback by it, not because you haven't seen it before in other media and other stages in life, potentially. But you don't normally see that in a in a mainstream film.

Tom  8:58  
Well, can I just pick up pick us up on that point? Because I do. I do think that that, you know, three seconds shot, you know, could be a real barrier to entry out of everything else. I think that is the one bit which I would genuinely question. You know, what is that? What is that shot doing in the film? Because it does it that in that moment where you know, you do get this close up of basically an ejaculating penises what we're talking about, it's you do just question. What's the ambition with by showing this? Because he's got absolutely zero. I mean, it's got nothing to do

Ben Davis  9:30  
with the plot. We're just getting just getting a visual image of him doing what he's saying, you know, the old Franck is there and he announces to the world into the woods and so and so maybe Eric You know, got Eric in the background sort of, you know, cupping the chode in two fingers. Is this the serial Masturbater Yes, yeah. walks around. Yeah. Yeah. That he's, he's coming. And we get evidence. Yeah, it's confirmed that he is and he did by by seeing it but now the so that the sex is on simulated but the actual chode and all that sort of stuff. That's actually that's a body double. Right. So it's actually there's not the active No, but everything else is there other than when you see cocks basically that's that's other people I think the actors weren't comfortable with with doing that.

Tom  10:18  
So sorry, there's full on shots of the main characters Oh, yeah, so I mean, I mean they've switched up his bottom half.

Ben Davis  10:26  
so that that's that's all practical. That's that's real stuff. 

Tom  10:29  
someone's feet feeding through their penis into I don't think

Ben Davis  10:32  
there's any CGI, but I mean when there's over a cock in the mouth or the cum shot? I think that's someone else. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Not sure about the rimming. Who's asked was that? I think that's that's real. I'm not sure he was actually rimming.

Tom  10:50  
So we're happy to we're happy to rim some but hole but we're not happy to show our penises.

Ben Davis  10:56  
I'm assuming he's not actually rimming

Unknown Speaker  10:58  
it's just acting. Right? Possibly.

Tom  11:01  
Well, I mean, as you can get it, I mean, you can probably get a flavour from the from the chat here that it's that, you know, we go to pretty much every nook and cranny of a man's body. We are we are in there. And the cameras right with them. Yeah,

Ben Davis  11:13  
there's not there's not a lot of clothes going on in this film.

Tom  11:16  
I mean, to the extent to the extent where the main character the murderer spends most of the time just walking around the woods with no clothes on on a pair of trainers.

Ben Davis  11:24  
Oh, yeah. Yeah. I like the idea of the trainers being he pops the trainers on and it's just like, that's his cue to go. Right. You know, you're ready for a walk

Tom  11:31  
Yeah. We're going into we're going into the bushes. Yeah. Oh, sorry.

Ben Davis  11:34  
Let me pop the trainers on and we're good to go.

Tom  11:36  
Put your ASICs on and we're good. Yeah. I mean, there is something quite American Psycho about it all. Isn't that because my don't forget that the classic scene in American Psycho when he when he goes running after the prostitute with no clothes on? So

Ben Davis  11:50  
yeah, it's quite liberating. The idea of just walking around. It is a very nice place. Yes, I'd happily go there. Maybe I do the old Henri approach and sort of shimmy off to the side with the arms folded like look, fantastic view. Yeah, I'm on holiday. I'm feeling good. The cruising stuff not for me. But by all means, you know, come sit down. Have a chat with me. I'm interested to hear about what you know what it's all about. But I'm not going to be engaging in it. I'm just gonna be sitting here looking at the lake. I'm I go for a quick dip. I'm over here. You're over there. No problem. Carry on? Yeah. Yeah,

Tom  12:23  
I think I think that is probably one of the most, that's one of the best parts about the film is the relationship between the kind of Well, initially platonic, between the main character, the young Chappie, and the and the slightly older bloke, who's clearly, you know, feels a bit uncomfortable with how come you know how full on the kind of cruising scene is, but clearly just enjoys to be amongst other gay man. Yeah,

Ben Davis  12:49  
he's looking for companionship Isn't he like, like he said, He's not interested in getting Fronck into the bedroom, it's, you know, you can come in and give me a cuddle. And that's, that's enough.

Tom  12:58  
That's all I want. That's all I crave. It's just the it's just the contact, which I thought was nice. I thought that was quite a nice little kind of like, I mean, they were bringing in sort of loneliness, what it what it means for folk who can't quite come to terms with things. You know, what, what's the reality of that? So I thought that was good. That was a nice little sort of extra angle. But I mean, besides that, I mean, I think it's probably worth you know, you mentioned the setting how gorgeous the setting is. Oh, absolutely. Yeah, yeah. It's probably worth saying, I mean, I think the the choice of location does give the whole thing, this very otherworldly feel about it. I mean, it feels like a world separate from everything else. You know, I mean, I think that's deliberate. 

Tom  13:42  
You know, that's, that's why I mean, that we don't, we don't, we don't venture further out from the actual beach, you know, the film all takes place, you know, there are no shots of that. I mean, even though there's reference to people meeting up for drinks, back in the towns or wherever they're coming from, but it's all it's all based in we only we don't leave the beach. Yeah. And that's good. And that's what you need. And it create just create this very much this this kind of inner world that only these guys are a part of, and whenever you see, you know, the detective shows up and start snooping around.

Tom  14:11  
And then there's also a scene when a boat goes past clearly from the other side of the beach. And kind of you know, with some women on it, and some people who clearly just kind of trying to see what see what the other side looks like. It very much feels like an intrusion. If anyone out with this community of folk comes in, it's an intrusion which I thought was quite clever. It just create that sense of a bubble.

Ben Davis  14:33  
You fully immerse in the experience. Yeah, I was happy hanging out in this in this world.

Tom  14:39  
You enjoy just wandering through those woods. Just see what it was around this bush.

Ben Davis  14:43  
Like I said, it's it's very liberating. Watching the guys just hang out at the lake shore. In the nude. It's just like, yeah, all right. Nice. Go for it. Now on the cruising side, speaking as someone who isn't gay, I struggled with that part. I can't relate to it unfortuantly. But I'm understanding how, like you've said that they're entering this this place where it's just them. They're doing what they want the cruising around, there's people just hovering in the woods. That's okay. Not a problem. And no one's no one's subjected to any any abuse or people, you know, shaking the head going on. And not for me, this is horrible. 

Ben Davis  15:21  
This is what set in I think the 80s. So, being gay was becoming a lot more accepted than it was maybe 10 15 20 years ago. But there's still that stigma isn't there, of course. And God forbid, if a family were on a day out the lake, and they were to accidentally stumble upon this scene. What I don't think that's good for anyone is it? We get the detective who comes in and outside who comes into into the film about halfway in, and then just spends the whole time of his arms behind his back just to show this guy's pretty much like a cartoon character, isn't it? This detective walking around, he shouldn't be here is out of place. And he's got the arms behind the back at all times. Just going like, you know, what? Can you explain this?

Tom  16:03  
Yeah, I mean, quite literally is sort of the first time we see the detective he standing with his hands behind his back in a bush. It just pops up out of absolutely nowhere. I think it's it you said, it's you said liberating me. I didn't necessarily feel get that all the way through. I mean, I felt there were certain there were deliberate shots. I mean, first of all, it's not cutting away from the the reality of the situations that are the same for two blokes, you know, you know, get started, that there's a there's a shot of the of the ground and there's a whole heap of like, condoms, use condoms and all this sort of stuff paraphernalia.

Tom  16:43  
And there's something I mean, it's obviously it's relatively reckless, with the exception of one person. No one seems to be worried about sort of protection, obviously, if this is set in the 80s, this is this is prime sort of like AIDS epidemic time, isn't it? I think that was deliberate, that only one person seemed bothered about that. And then also, the detective actually says to the main character, something about you know, you guys have a strange way of showing your affection for one another. And I think there's something about it, where, you know, ultimately, some of this is quite self destructive. 

Tom  17:17  
And I mean, just just going back to the it's, you know, it's a Sin programme that came out last year, or whatever it was. One of the things that one of the characters says to I think the what's awesome was, the boy was the lad who's in years and years, what's he called? Although Ali, Ali, Ollie Alexander, it says that someone of the character says to his mother, who can't come to terms with the fact is that the son's gay is ultimately out of shame that has caused him to behave so kind of loosely, but he's basically doing this because he's, you know, is it a shame because he's not been sort of, it's not been recognised by wider society. And so there's an element of that contributes to this. Just recklessness whenever you know, that there are amongst other people like them. 

Tom  18:02  
So I don't know whether there's an element of that. I don't know. 

Tom  18:04  
When I say liberating. It's not the relationships itself. It's just like walking around. Okay. 

Ben Davis  18:09  
Yeah, it's not all the sex and the rimming and you know, all that sort of stuff. Having this this schedule of turning up, sunbathing naked, popping the trainers on going for a walk, you know, maybe just go for a walk, and then go back again, but they go for a walk to then engage in some stuff. Yeah, fine. Come back down again. Cool off, take the trainers off, jump in the lake. Come back, put the trainers back on rinse and repeat. 

Ben Davis  18:31  
Yeah. And just do that just seemingly just for days on end. 

Tom  18:35  
Yeah. And I mean, I mean, I mean, you know, there is a lot of sex, but at the same point, there are genuine sort of friendships depicted. You know, a lot of the guys know each other. You know, they stick their, the towel next to each other on the beach, have a chat have a debrief. So it does it does create a genuine sense of, you know, a community. At the end of the day, this sort of stuff goes on between sort of straight couples as well. I mean, it's like dogging spots. This is not just unique to the gay scene.

Ben Davis  19:03  
Inappropriate call to action from an Irish kid. That doesn't make any sense. 

Irish Kids  19:09  
Maybe think about leaving that few hears on an explanation. example. Example. We suck.  five stars, Fiona's Trivia trivia is a Embarrshing five stars, rate review and subscribe. Here at Flo floggers. We pride ourselves on offering one star comment with 5 star effort effort.

Ben Davis  19:41  
But I think the film does it well. Look it's tricky to talk about it because well one I'm I don't have any experience in cruising personally, to I'm not a gay man. So it's hard for me to comment on. If this film depicts cruising and the gay scene in the 80s and present day in a in a positive light I dont no. 

Ben Davis  20:07  
I'm assuming the director is himself a gay man. So I'm sure that helps you know something like while cruising with Al Pacino that films just gross, it's just gross because it's just pretty much just depicting the gay scene in a pretty unsavoury lie. Yeah, however you want to look at it. That's what it's doing. And Al Pacino in leather, Yeah, just pumping his fist. Yeah, it is liberating the sense that you've got people like Franck who are going around going like, Yeah, whatever. Condom I don't mind, then whatever you want, which is Yeah, which is a bad attitude. So you've got that. So Franck is like, yeah, he's our main character, the way he's looking at everything is different to a lot of the other guys that are there. As we said, there's plenty of use condoms on the floor. So it seems like most of the people who are engaging in the cruising are wearing protection, which is fantastic, but at the same time, are also of the mind of, well, we're not coming in to be completely fucking reckless. Yeah. So he's sort of there. 

Ben Davis  21:03  
He's like, you know, he's just bouncing around the place doing whatever. And of course, there's something there's something not good about it, because he watches all Michael kill someone. So you know, he's always you know, he likes the thrill. He likes all this, the chase of it the bit where he doesn't want to go swimming initially, because he's like, Well, is Michael gonna drown me next? And then eventually, he goes in? And he's like, oh, yeah, I can't get enough of this guy. There's a bit of cowboy on the lake shore to finsh off, So, but it's no, I think it's a Yeah, look, without speaking from a from a guy's perspective, because I'm not gay. Unfortunately. I don't think it's offensive. I think it's really well put together. Yeah, possibly.

Tom  21:40  
Yeah, I agree. And the pacing, as well, as the partner that the killer became becomes more and more suspicious and aware of the fact that you know, the boyfriend is on to him. It's interesting. The tension builds up nicely. It's well paced.

Unknown Speaker  21:57  
Yeah, yeah. What else have you got?

Tom  22:00  
I mean, what are the other particular threads are there? I was quite disappointed

Ben Davis  22:04  
by the the cum shot. For some reason. I think I'd convinced myself on the first viewing that it was, it was a bit more explosive than that. I'm not sure what I expected. But you know, maybe I had in my head sort of like a scenario where if I had sort of 3d goggles on, I'd be like, oh, man, yeah, that it comes right into the screen. Thats Cracking the screen. Yeah. But well, I

Tom  22:22  
thought I had it in my head that you didn't actually see I completely forgotten that you actually saw, you know, the ejaculation. The bellend. I thought it was just that you just saw the stuff blowing onto his chin or something.

Ben Davis  22:34  
Right? Yes. But that's maybe what I thought. Yeah. Yeah. You saw the load, but you didn't see it coming

Tom  22:39  
exactly. Out? Yeah. Yes. Yeah. But, you know, again, it just seemed, you know, what a shame that one of the, you know, the scene of the film that you probably gonna remember the most is that? 

Ben Davis  22:50  
Well, yes, it is. It is. Well, well, yeah. But I think the film is really well put together. So. 

Tom  22:56  
But but right, but what I'd say what I'd say is, I think so, you know, I think there is something quite Michael Haneke esque about this film. The way you know, there's a lot of stationary stationary camera, there's a lot of referring back to the same shot of the car park. You know, the camera, you know, throughout the film, it's sort of separated into sections but and days by you returning to the shot of the car park and everyone arriving and the cameras just stationary. And there's something quite Michael Haneke, ask about that, who we all know takes time to develop a story and develop characters. And so for example, my parents love Haneke films. And  if it didn't have that, that ejaculation scene, I think they'd watch this. Right. But that that it's a barrier to entry it is, and ejaculating penis for no reason whatsoever is a total barrier to entry. There's no reason for that. For that, for that penis to be shot.

Ben Davis  23:53  
Yeah, but I don't think it takes away from the film.

Tom  23:56  
I think it does personally, right?

Ben Davis  23:58  
I understand what you're saying, of course, because it's something that you don't you don't see in film,

Tom  24:03  
what do you think it's in, therefore,

Ben Davis  24:05  
We just get a conclusion to this experience. You know, I don't think the director put it in just for the sake of putting in I'm assuming you just thought, Well, why not put it in because instead of I'm announcing, I'm, you know, I'm coming, I'm doing this, and then it just it cuts away to then back down at the lake lying down going, Oh, that was fantastic. let just pop the trainer back on. Thanks for that. It was like, well, if I've got licence to do what I want, why not just finish the job? Quite literally, let's just say it from start to finish. Okay. By all means, if you don't want to see that just fast forward, it only happens once. Hmm. So I don't think you should avoid watching this film just because of that one scene. Right? Okay. If you have that as a disclaimer, when you go to people that have in this film that you really well put together, there is a shot where you see an actual cum shot. If that's too much for you. This is the bit, fast forward it.

Tom  24:55  
And maybe there's an element that you know, the director is ultimately trying to shed You know, shine some light on a scene that isn't talked about isn't known about and they're going right? Well, here it is in your face. Well, yeah. And the thing is, if you're going to do a film like this, it's like, Well,

Tom  25:09  
why not? Yeah.

Ben Davis  25:11  
That's what I'm assuming the thinking is I don't think maybe there isn't maybe that the director something else in his mind. And if you asked him, he'd be like, Oh, it's because of this, this and this. I don't want to hear that. Because I don't I don't need an explanation for it. I don't need you to do to break down why you include this. I just want

Tom  25:27  
you to stop talking. And just let me enjoy. You know, just shut up.

Ben Davis  25:31  
I think it's a film that's worth seeking out. And if that's if that's too much for you, I think just fast forward. Yeah. And by the sounds of it, if the director took out a lot of the sex scenes, he hasn't just sat there and gone like haha, this get em, I'm gonna include this cum shot Oh, this is surprising. Maybe he's got his reasons. Maybe it was just like, why not? This is what happens when you have sex and you and you finish that you finished experience. So what's the big deal? Like it's an 18. So you know, kids shouldnt be watching it? If an adult can't watch that and get past now, I think there's a problem there to be honest. Oh, not for me. It has cum shot. Now. I'm not I'm not watching that. I don't think that's very good.

Tom  26:06  
I think its the only scene you could argue you know, someone could someone could make a fairly rebust argument for you know, we're stepping over the over the line into a sort of titillation side of things.

Ben Davis  26:16  
Possibly, but then, you know, I look at that cum shot and I'm like, Well, okay, but watching a man get rimmed. It's like, well, Christ. Okay.

Tom  26:23  
But you said that, but but I actually, I wasn't actually aware that I'd seen that. I don't know whether I'd maybe was doing something at that very moment. Oh,

Ben Davis  26:33  
you need to go back and watch it! 

Tom  26:36  
I think I've missed that. I've missed that particular bit, because I couldn't actually remember that right.

Ben Davis  26:40  
It's when Franck first thought why no he's encountered Michel on the on the Lakeshore, and then Michel Oh, he's gone off in the train with the the trainers on Yeah, to go off. And you know, for his walk. I think everybody follows him and starts loitering around and then he finds him and Michel's are engaging in some rimming. who's doing what? So michel's giving the rimming. So he you know, he's doing the stuff.

Ben Davis  26:43  
So how does the character know it's him? Or because he looks up? 

Tom  27:09  
Oh, I see. 

Ben Davis  27:10  
Exactly takes like a second off and just sort of gives him the look. And it's like, oh, here we go. So, so then franck just like, oh, yeah, it's one of those things. It's an extreme version of if you if you like, someone along nice. They seem interesting. You're out clubbing or whatever, and then, you know, you bump into them, and there getting off with someone else, oh bloody hell, I've missed my chance. Oh, that's, that's really annoying. And they sort of give you that, look,

Tom  27:33  
I've acknowledging you, you know, when I'm actually should be fully fully engaged in the story.

Ben Davis  27:37  
I'm just passing the time it's, you know, this is part of the experience, but I actually want to be actually rimming you. So let me just finish this off. And, you know, meet by the lake.

Tom  27:47  
go for it. Well, one thing you could say about me doesn't leave a job half down.

Ben Davis  27:50  
Yeah. No, it's I think I would just if I was, yeah, if I was a franck I would just be like, yeah, no problem. But this just make sure we get those teeth brushed. Say, look,

Tom  28:00  
look, man, you know, I would like to finish up later. You know, I've got somewhere else to be

Ben Davis  28:06  
Look the thing is we're laughing you about this. To get through this. You've got to find the funny side, two straight men talking about not just the film centred around gay people but but this is you know, as we've alluded to this some scenes in here which are which are extraordinary. Oh, well,

Tom  28:20  
if it if it was straight, well to be out if it was straight, and this in this stuff was going on? You'd be laughing about it. Well, of course. Well, of

Tom  28:27  
course you'd have to. Yeah, exactly. How else can you approach

Ben Davis  28:31  

Tom  28:32  
You know for it's a film about you know, a bloke sees a girl he likes on the beach, he follows her into the woods and you know, finds it with a you know, with a head up some blokes are you'd be, you'd be Yeah, you'd laugh It's ridiculous. Yeah, about

Ben Davis  28:45  
you know, how you're feeling about if it's a you know what most of you seeing, you know, a woman give the handjob and you're seeing it cum shot. Does that make any difference for you for your viewing experience?

Tom  28:54  
Well, no, but I mean, I think it would be it would, it would kind of almost make more sense if it was if it was him. If it was all is it Michelle? What's his name? Michelle.

Ben Davis  29:03  
Michel Mike,

Tom  29:03  
Michael Yeah. Micheli he's not actually touching the blow. So it's very much just this bloke sort of masturbating so it's not even

Ben Davis  29:12  
Oh, no, but yeah, but the actual cum shot from Frank is from the the guy on the Batman t shirt. Oh, man, you gotta you gotta keep up on this. I'm saying what the actual come shot when we get when we see the commercial. It's it's Michel is not there. makellos rooming or he's doing something else. He's not here yet. The actual come shot is from Franck and the guy on the Batman t shirt. Yeah. Because that's when you see the used condoms then I can't bloody you know, move those out of the way. Christ. We need a bit room here. Yeah. And then you see Eric is Eric. You know, we're just talking Eric. Like we're not doing anything. Oh, can I can I listen? No, no, we're not. We're not doing any

Tom  29:45  
Just massaging his penis through those light through jogging bombs. Yeah, yeah.

Ben Davis  29:51  
What does Eric say later?  You've got a great cock. Yeah, well, I say it again. It's just it's, it's extraordinary. Just the idea of doing that getting up, shaking the hand. Go,

Tom  30:00  
you know what, that's exactly what does happen because he's blowing him. And then they basically shake hands and he goes, Great cock, cheers tomorrow, and just goes off extraordinary. Well, you know, at the end of the day, if you can do that, and it's liberating and you feel, you know, a one amongst other people who you can identify with, then great.

Ben Davis  30:20  
Well, if it's, if it's not harming anyone else, then you know, go for it. 

Tom  30:23  
But if the only but I think it's one of those in the only setting you can be amongst guys, who you identify is in that setting, which is pretty confrontational on pretty full on over time. I suspect that's probably not, you know, not not to sound totally old fashioned, cuz I don't, you know, at the end of the day, I'm aware of, you know, your dating apps, you tinders and stuff. And, you know, there's, there's a massive element of this to it to it all. But I think, again, it's, you know, from the film's perspective, it's a case of going well, this is it, this is the scene, you know, they have their own space, they have their own community that really comes through in this kind of bubble setting. But ultimately, it's, it's, you know, it's pretty, pretty risky. 

Tom  31:00  
They're kind of putting themselves at risk. And you know, why is that? And I think there's you know, it's very subtly hints on that and absolutely acknowledges that not everyone is up for that is up for that for that very full on kind of relationship as demonstrated through the the slightly midlife you know, the middle aged character who sits slightly away from it, but but it really gets something from being amongst the other man,

Ben Davis  31:23  
the inclusion of older Henri is key here. Yeah, is key. Because if he's not there, if we don't have that for the audience, if you're if you're gay, straight, whatever, whoever's watching this, if you don't have Henri or if you don't have to, someone's sitting there, just enjoying the experience, but in a different way. Yeah. And you just had cruising, cruising, cruising, swim. Crusiing swam rim jaw it be like, rim job, okay, for a lot. But

Tom  31:51  
for a lot of people, you'd be going well, I think to be honest, in you know, for me in that scene, I don't think I would be full on in the woods, I think I might just go there just to see how it felt. And then with the inclusion of that, I think I think it's quite a wide reaching. You know, it doesn't talk just one, you know, specific sector of that community, it just broaden out. 

Ben Davis  32:13  
Yeah,without this without this arrangement without the setting that these gay men have, and the option to go to go cruising like this. This doesn't feel like it's the real world, this feels like it's somewhere else entirely. So you leave this setting and you go back to the real world, you get scenarios where you've got men who are married, they've got kids, and this is this is what they have. They have this once a year, whatever. And this is how they have their release. When you go to Brokeback Mountain, you've got Jake Gyllenhaal character who the has to find solace in prostitutes. It's not enough just seeing Heath Ledger once a year, or once every five years. He's like this, this isn't enough anymore. Like and he's married, got kids got a business. 

Ben Davis  32:53  
Yeah, I think it's I think that that elements quite interesting as well. It's just how difficult doing this and how difficult it may be to not let this spill over. When you go back to the real world. And go back to day to day life.

Tom  33:07  
Yeah. Well, I mean, I think that that that comes through from is it? Is it Henri The middle aged Chappie? Henri? Yeah. Yeah, he, I mean that he says just that, I mean, it's kind of inconceivable to him, that this the main character could be full on gay and isn't married or anything else, you know, everyone that Henri associates with? Who is gay is married. And, you know, has the old you know, in the now and again, has a slip. But fundamentally, you know, he cannot, you know, he's not from a world where being gay is not is is an option, basically. That's quite the slip. Yeah, but, you know, presumably, we have work trips or what have you. Yeah, it's interesting. I think it's an interesting time piece.

Tom  33:52  
Yeah. Yeah.

Ben Davis  33:54  
I like the the inspector, and like, how he gets very frustrated with the fact. But that's the thing is that you've got, you're in a place where you've just got guys who are in voyerisum everywhere in the woods, and he's like, sorry, there's not one person fucking seen some guy being drowned in the lake. Yeah, all you guys do all day is cruise around and watch other people having sex. And not one of you. Not one of you give me any information on this drowning and on this murder. Whats going on

Tom  34:23  
I mean, initially thought that he was he was kind of disgusted by the scene. That ultimately was pretty confrontational, but actually, it's revealed whenever he says this thing about you know, you guys have a very weird way of showing your affection for one another. It's revealed that he does actually care you know, he does he just care about them any any, any. He's the only one to recognise just how at risk they're putting themselves. So in some ways, it's almost like a kind of guardian angel. In the form of a respectable perspective, a spectacle bloke with his hands behind his back.

Ben Davis  34:55  
Guardian Angel. Yeah, guardian angel. Yeah, well, again, well, that goes into the whole franck character. And it's like you're gonna miss this this franck guy actually that is not great this bloke he's not great I don't know if he's if it's meant to be if you're meant to not really side with this guy he's the main character but I don't think it really sets it up that that's the guy you're you know you're rooting for and you're like oh I hope I hope it turns out okay for all franck basically he's there and he's lying just because he just becomes obsessed with all Michel that shot when you're watching Michel drown that guy out again, you know very good. Yeah, long shot at the lake. It's well franck in the bushes. It's uh, yeah. beautifully shot at the film.

Tom  35:33  
Did you not think Haneke? I mean, did Michael Haneke come through? Of course. Yeah,

Ben Davis  35:36  
absolutely. Yeah, yeah, there is a lot to to get into this film. And if you can get past some of the you know, the graphic scenes, and that oh, let the bog you down. I think a lot of people would get something from this. I think in terms of actually how it's put together this whole erotic thriller narrative that it's that's the genre that it falls into. As I said at the start, I wasn't on the edge of my seat but the certain bits where it's yeah, it's pretty tense. Yeah, pretty uncomfortable. And I think the the last sort of 5- 10 minutes, I think is unsettling when Michel just walking around in the dark and franck's check themselves in the bushes. And then he just comes out and just goes ok, Michel. Hello. It's like oh, yeah, right. What's what's michel gonna do to your Franck? See ya later.

Tom  36:23  
Really? Well put together? Yeah, I agree. I can't dispute that.

Ben Davis  36:28  
Yeah. So, you know, Mike, would you recommend? 

Tom  36:32  
Yeah, Imean, I think I would I you know, slap slap the health warning on there. But um, but yeah, I would, I'd recommend. Yeah, it's a well made film. And like you say, it's absolutely, you know, it sets out what it what I think its meaning today, and it does that. Yeah, health warning, but uh, you know, give it give it a watch, by all means. Maybe watch it yourself before you then recommend it to sort of wider group. So you pass it to your parents or your nan. Yeah, do a little you know, gauge it yourself. See? See, see how far you can push it, but Right, but it's good. Yeah, I agree.

Ben Davis  37:05  
I think I'd rather watch this than wild things. Very different films, but Oh,

Tom  37:08  
yeah. I mean, I mean, it's well, I mean, wildly. Yeah, it's entertaining, isn't it? Well, yeah.

Tom  37:12  
Yeah. Okay, fine.

Ben Davis  37:13  
I probably got more out of this. And then one of the things

Tom  37:16  
Yeah, I think you get more out of it. I think you feel more kind of rewarded at the end. But it's but Well, I think has its place me you know, come on. 

Ben Davis  37:23  
Well, it's got bacon, of course. Yeah. It's

Tom  37:25  
got BACON. Yeah.

Ben Davis  37:27  
Well, great. You know, just fantastic. You know, coming back with an absolute bang.

Tom  37:30  
Yes. Yeah. No, it's It's good to get back up on the old stick and, you know, just just start start recording.

Tom  37:38  
Yeah, okay. Yeah,

Ben Davis  37:39  
I'm not sure where we're gonna go from here, but maybe crash at some point. Maybe we'll do something a bit more accessible for the next one. Possibly.

Tom  37:48  
Yeah, big crashes pretty. That's pretty full on, isn't it? Yeah, we'll have to give it some thought. But yeah, you know, see you in another month. Yeah.

Tom  37:57  
See you next year. Okay, all right. Cheers. Goodbye. 

Ben Davis  38:01  
Okay, quickly if you're in a strange by the lake you weren't even part of this episode. What you doing here?

Fiona  38:06  
I don't know Ben. Well,

Ben Davis  38:08  
there was no point me asking Tom was there to do the segments pointless. Fucking pointless. Are we doing segments?

Fiona  38:15  
I don't know what we're doing though. We

Ben Davis  38:16  
can't we're just doing shout outs. Yes. All right.

Tom  38:20  
All right, that light I've got the sound boards out.

Fiona  38:25  
Let me just set this up the most unorganised person ever. Yes.

Ben Davis  38:31  
ORDINARY PEOPLE. Fuck thats loud. Okay, there you go. Great. So shout out Stranger by the lake. Yes, yes. And the other segments we can do for this? No, no, you can watch the film. No. Okay. Who we shoutiong out this week Fiona just random people. Have they got podcasts or just people who are

Fiona  38:58  
people who are not very well known, I suppose.

Ben Davis  39:01  
Right? Okay, who have you gotten then I've got a few you've got a few. I do.

Fiona  39:05  
I've got my favourite person in the whole wide world. Wentworth Miller what wise? Cuz I love I love that shorter. He did that really, really bad. Shorter. He did. Prison Break.

Ben Davis  39:15  
Okay, great. Yeah. What else?

Fiona  39:17  
Jesse Tyler Ferguson as well. Again, he played Mitchell and mother and family not modern. Modren family was Motrin. And yeah, you know, not really well known by Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother. How I Met Your Mother also not very well known stand up man. Sean Harris in willing grace. Also not very well known. And Ricky Martin singer, not very well known.

Ben Davis  39:55  
Live in Vienna loca Yeah. All right. Okay, that's great. That's great. Who have I got? Random people just need a left. Philip Schofield. Oh, oh, I love this morning. Okay with Holly who, right? Yes dare I love when they just they lose control live on air and they just can't stop laughing

Fiona  40:18  
Holly's there pissing herslef. 

Tom  40:20  
Oh Ha yeah.

Fiona  40:22  
Oh she's she's pasted she because she's testing herself. She's She's a one time she was saying that she was gonna be herself and it did show up on time. Oh,

Ben Davis  40:32  
have you ever felt like you're going to wee yourself on this because it's so funny this podcast?

Fiona  40:35  
No Oh.

Tom  40:39  
Stephen Fry right yeah, I

Ben Davis  40:42  
have a jet and another gentleman that I struggle with a little bit. But he needs a lift so I'm going to give him

Fiona  40:49  
okay. What do you struggle with?

Tom  40:51  
Ru Paul who Ru PAUL you know? RuPaul Well, you probably don't cuz he's not that. Yeah, exactly. How

Fiona  40:57  
would I know him?

Ben Davis  40:58  
Hence why I'm giving him a shout out. He does a show. He tries to do a show. Ru Paul's drag race.

Tom  41:04  
Oh, yes, yes,

Ben Davis  41:06  
yes. Yes. I've seen the first season. entertaining and good. If I had more time I'd watch more. There you go. You're welcome.

Fiona  41:14  
Can we go on to our film now? Jack Nash. Oh,

Ben Davis  41:16  
I know Jack. Now she's a real person in the real world. Is it? Yes. Is my friend. Oh, I used to play online gaming with him back in the day. Hi. Oh, it was fun. Sorry. What was that? What do you whisper? Oh, there's the rain. Good. Jack Nash. check this film out. Okay. Hello.

Ben Davis  41:34  
 Digitally remastered?

Fiona  41:37  
digitally, digitally. digitally, digitally. digitally, digitally, digitally. digitally, digitally. Yeah, that is DJ DJ. No as digitally good blog. Paul. Is that a person?

Ben Davis  41:55  
Yes. Well, it's by Paul. Yes. Paul is the person who runs the channel, YouTube Twitter. Okay. Confusingly Paul used to be on every movie ever podcast. Okay. You don't want to troll 2 on? Yes, Ben and Oh, yes. Yes. Another got Rob. Great guys. Hopefully we can work together in the future. Fantastic. Good. Now Paul's gone off and done his own separate thing and this is what it is good. All the best Paul. If you get a chance check this film out. Okay, that will do five seconds review Stranger by the LAKE. I haven't

Fiona  42:29  
seen it. So I can't review Okay, yes. That was very long

Irish Kids  42:39  
is the battery chain at film floggers? Five styes code then has to dealt with do not 27 Be thinking about a new winner review kicks version of felon floggers eight to subscribe and tell a friend so content by Star effort, a fair and floggers okay Bunny, and now to sound drought. This sound of Ireland now to finish off the sound of Ireland

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