81. The War of The Roses (1989)

February 14, 2022 FilmFloggers Season 1 Episode 50
81. The War of The Roses (1989)
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Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I want to throw a chair at you.

This film sums up our life since starting the podcast...

Will you be my flogentine?

I thought not.

Happy Valentines Day!

Topics discussed during this lovey-dovey episode include:

Is Danny Devito shorter than Fiona? Surely not.

Who's the guy who voices Homer Simpson?

Is Ben the Michael Douglas of the episode?

Does Ben's chin resemble the one Kirk Douglas rocked for over 1000 years?

Ben struggles to find any reason why Fiona would want to 'smash his face in?'

Is Fiona ageing like a fine wine or turning into Kathleen Turner?

Fiona displays her masterful storytelling skills.

Can Ben finish any of his points?

Ben can't understand why more people don't listen to the show.

Fiona turns historian by expertly detailing The War Of The Roses.

Who were The Tudors, and what has this Henry bloke got to do with it?

Is Fiona Babe: A pig in the city?

So 40 years of marriage gets you lumbered with the pet name Weasel face?

Ben doubts the new segments live on air.

Fiona questions Ben's romantic film recommendations.

Any men out there fancy a weekend away in Nottingham or Wyoming? Ben's treat.

How does Amy Adam's Leap Year (hideous film) Me Before You, 9/11 & Stand By Me find their way into the episode?

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