35. Edge of Tomorrow (2014) 'Live,Laugh,Love, Repeat.'

February 10, 2022 FilmFloggers Season 3 Episode 17
35. Edge of Tomorrow (2014) 'Live,Laugh,Love, Repeat.'
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A day in the life of FilmFloggers: Crap out another average episode, Argue, Get a Bad Nights Sleep, Repeat.

At least Tom Cruise gets to have some respite by dying...Edge of Tomorrow, everyone.


Topics discussed during the episode include: 

  • Did you know SkyFie is short for Science Fiction? 
  • Childish name-calling gets us off to a strong start. 
  • Ben talks about the film Swingers with Vince Vaughan and that Mandalorian & Lion King bloke turned footballer John Fashanu...
  • Ben throws his support behind the IRA. 
  • Who’s the bald guy in Jungle Cruise again? 
  • Would you hit Fiona with your rhythm stick? 
  • Ben questions how much TV aliens watch. 
  • Just to let you know, Ben does all his own stunts. 
  • Who remembers Mimic from Guillermo Del Toro? 
  • Have you ever wanted to kill someone in the head with your SkyFie gun? 
  • Fiona gets upset at the lack of Brendan Gleeson's screen time. 
  • After questioning Fiona's lazy research, Ben is instructed to 'give over.'
  • Ben recommends skipping the Louvre and heading over to the Ludge instead. 
  • The Irish children go out of their way to let uncle Ben down. 
  • The new segments aren't improving.  
  • Do any Scientologists want to start following Ben & Fiona around? They could do with the exposure. 

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Ben (00:00):

Oh, okay.

Fiona (00:02):

Right. I'm just gonna hit the recorder because I'm bored.

Ben (00:05):

She's Fiona.

Fiona (00:06):

Oh, and he's bunny.

Ben (00:10):

She's Fiona

Fiona (00:11):

And he's bunny.

Ben (00:14):

Let's do it properly. Shall we please? she's Fiona and

Fiona (00:19):

HES bunny.

Ben (00:22):

I'm getting annoyed now. Fiona. Oh, can we properly? Okay, sure. This isn't a joke.

Fiona (00:26):


Ben (00:29):

She's Fiona and

Fiona (00:30):

He's Ben.

Ben (00:32):

This is 15 minutes of Flog. Are you ready?

Fiona (00:36):

So today we are doing the edge of tomorrow, which is a sky Skyy film, 2000

Ben (00:42):

It's sci-fi, Fiona, the joke has worn thin. It is SCI fI it's not funny. It never was

Fiona (00:48):

2014, 7.9 on the IM D B, as you can all hear Ben is rudely interrupting me yet again. So a soldier fights aliens and gets to relive the same day over and over the day restarting Every time he dies directed by Doug Lemin he also did swingers 1996, the born identity, 2002. And Mr And Mrs Smith in 2005, three main characters. Do you have anything to add about Dougie? Is there anything you would like to say

Ben (01:19):

About the Jordan? No, he is done some okay. Films, I guess. Yes. Varied swingers. Yes. Did swingers Did he? Yes.

Fiona (01:25):


Ben (01:26):

The Vince Vaughan one? I don't

Fiona (01:27):


Ben (01:28):

John FA um, yeah. John FA new. Yeah. John FA John FAU.

Fiona (01:32):

Yeah. Him not sure, but yeah. So we've got three main characters in this film. We've got Tom cruise as cage, um, Lieutenant cage, major cage. Uh, he was in he's in loads, Top Gun Days of Thunder, Misson impossible, vanilla Sky Austin Powers, and The Last Samurai, loads of other ones as well.

Ben (01:51):

Vice burp. I'm sure that's gonna pick up.

Fiona (01:52):

We all know Tom cruise. We've got Emily blunt as a Rita who is, um, basically cages sidekick in this film. Devil wears Prada. Love that film adjustment bureau girl on the train. Not so keen on that. A quiet placement. Me and bunny did as our podcast and recently jungle cruise with the bald guy what's his name?

Ben (02:09):

The Rock. Jesus that's that's not bringing that up.

Fiona (02:12):

Oh, why?

Ben (02:13):

What do you mean? Why?

Fiona (02:15):


Ben (02:16):

Jungle cruise? Oh, right. Okay. He thanks.

Fiona (02:18):

All right. Right, right. We've got my main man, Brendan Gleason as general. Bringham is kind of a tricky word that he's been in

Ben (02:27):

Low. Is he not Bingham? Don

Fiona (02:29):

In Bruges, he's stared in that. He was also very interestingly starred in the field. Now, this is an Irish film being dated about two years and years ago. And we actually did this as a case study or a whatever short story for our junior star, which is GCSE equivalent. Uh, he's in the guard. He's in brave heart. He's Hamish in brave heart. Michael Collins, 1996. A good RA film. If anyone's interested the butcher boy, have you ever seen the butcher

Ben (02:54):

Boy? What's a good RA film. Good

Fiona (02:56):

IRA film then.

Ben (02:57):

Oh, is it really?

Fiona (02:58):

Yeah. I'm pretty sure it is. I

Ben (02:59):

Was talking about this every day to you. Yeah, we need to do one. He

Fiona (03:02):

Also plays mad eye in the Harry Potter films as well. God, you're loud. Have you ever seen the butcher boy?

Ben (03:08):

Don't think so.

Fiona (03:10):

Yeah. Maybe you should watch that. That's kind of up your street.

Ben (03:13):

Why is that?

Fiona (03:14):

Dunno? Just is oh, page turn. Yeah. Okay. Ben, baby hit me. Would you rhythm stick?

Ben (03:20):

What's Emily. Blunt's character called Rita? No, what's her nickname. Oh, it's basic. It's basic stuff. It's on Wikipedia. The name what's name. Why

Fiona (03:30):

Can you remember it, Ben? Because

Ben (03:32):

That's not my job. We've

Fiona (03:33):

Got this a badass or something.

Ben (03:35):

Oh, sake. Is it worth looking at that while? Right. We start talking. What's the nickname Christ. Yes. Emily Blunt. I don't think she's that great in this film actually. I think she's really, I think she's pretty good overall. Well,

Fiona (03:50):

This is our first SciFi for them. So I actually think she did a really good job.

Ben (03:53):

What did I say about Skyfire

Fiona (03:55):

Ben? I don't listen to you. I hate you.

Ben (03:59):

She's fine in this. I don't think she's that great.

Fiona (04:02):

Why not? Why? Why? Why don't you like her? This

Ben (04:04):

I, I just, yeah, just think, I thought her character was quite boring,

Fiona (04:07):

But how, how did you want her character to present? Like how was her character gonna be any, I

Ben (04:13):

Just interest liked her in this one. Fiona, and I think she's done better elsewhere. She's fine. She's just fine in this.

Fiona (04:17):

Right? Okay. Well that's a

Ben (04:19):

Bit, this whole badass. All. Yeah. She's the woman

Fiona (04:23):

Full Metal bitch.

Ben (04:23):

Oh, right. Okay. Oh. She's inspiring the generation of, of new soldiers. Even though there's still 98% male soldiers running around Heathrow, where are all the females? Dunno. I think she was supposed to be this inspiration. There isn't. There isn't any

Fiona (04:39):

Dunno. Maybe they're all dead.

Ben (04:41):


Fiona (04:41):

But is a suicide.

Ben (04:42):

I'm glad you said that.

Fiona (04:43):

So said mission. What they're on? Are you talking about the mission that they're currently on and why? There are no female soldiers?

Ben (04:47):

Oh no. The point is they don't know. It's a suicide mission. Do they?

Fiona (04:50):

Well, that's true. That's true. This war has been ongoing for five years apart.

Ben (04:54):

Yeah, but you've got Tom cruise. Yeah. Who's on the news. Yeah. Telling everyone, telling the world, oh, this is it. Downfall. Yeah. Operation downfall. This is it. This is the end. We're finishing on-off. Great. Well, are the aliens not huddled around the box going oh hang on, have you seen this? Better prepare for that? Watch out.

Fiona (05:12):

That's how they know he's coming bunny.

Ben (05:13):

Oh, it's not very good. Is he? He he's telling the nation about what they're doing so

Fiona (05:17):

Well. Yeah. That's true. No wonder. He knew where to war the

Ben (05:18):

Alien. Well, they're clever. They're doing stuff. Aren't they're Well, actually know she does about the omega.

Fiona (05:25):

Yeah. She knows all about de omega, but she keeps forgetting about the omega. That's the problem. Every time he relives the day, he has to tell her the conversation. That's why, when they met the other guy down in the lab with, with the max.

Ben (05:37):

No, no she doesn't. No, she doesn't forget about it. Yeah, she does. No, no. She knows about it. She's just, yeah. She knows about it. She lost the ability to relive the same day. She still knows about it. Cuz she's got the bloke in the attic no no, sorry. The basement who got fired from one place, but now is at Heathrow doing other experiments. Yes.

Fiona (05:52):


Speaker 3 (05:54):


Ben (05:57):


Fiona (05:59):

I literally gone blank, but she hasn't met Tom cruise before. That's what I I'm saying. So he has explained to hasn to

Ben (06:05):

Her again. Hasn't forgotten about the omega. No

Fiona (06:06):

She hasn't.

Ben (06:06):

But you just said that she has, she hasn't forgotten about that. She just can't relive the same day again. Yes.

Fiona (06:11):

Yes. Cause she's got a blood transfusion. Yes. Right. Okay.

Ben (06:14):

Did you, yeah. Did You explain the plot? Yes. Okay. I'm talking over the mic again. Stop

Fiona (06:16):

Talking over my then. Right. So Tom cruise, he actually did all of his own stunts in this film

Ben (06:21):

Oh, he always

Fiona (06:21):

Does as well. He always does that guy. And Dougie was really, really impressed with that. This movie takes place in the year, 2020 as well. Oh right. I didn't realize that at the time. Right. I've got something to ask you what the hell is with those suits that they're wearing. Yes. I know. They're whatever they are for protection but how the hell is you meant to walk in those things.

Ben (06:42):

Well, they seem to get quicker as the film goes on. I dunno if that is Tom cruise improving on his combat skills so he can fully utilize the, what they called, what the suit's called.

Fiona (06:54):

Dunno armour suits

Ben (06:55):

now the suits, right? Yes. So he can fully utilize the power of the suit so he can then start moving around and jumping and he can use all the gadgets in the suit Yeah.

Fiona (07:04):

But they're just been weighed down. Like when they're walking out to the aeroplane to get on the plane. Yes. Yes. That's what I was saying. They're weighed down.

Ben (07:09):

I know. That's what I mean. They, they look really slow and clunky. Yes. And it's like, well,

Fiona (07:13):

No wonder if getting trashed in the war.

Ben (07:15):

But before this downfall operation, the whole point was they, they weren't, they were doing very well. Hey, we're cleaning up. Okay. This is the end game. And also, but no, whoa. It wasn't though. Was it? No. As Emily blunt said it's the aliens end games. The mimics.

Fiona (07:30):


Ben (07:30):

The mimics that's. So what's the film from the nineties, Del Toro. Have you seen mimic? Nope. We should do that. So

Fiona (07:37):

What's the crack work. Why are they being dropped from the aeroplane? That doesn't happen surely to God, that's gonna kill a few being dropped from an

Ben (07:44):

Aeroplane. Probably not. No, apparently not. Tom cruise just lands softly and just gets on with it. Millions and millions of times.

Fiona (07:49):

Well, if me or you were dropped out of the aeroplane now, Ben, I think, I think we'd fucked quite frankly!

Ben (07:52):

I think the idea, I think the idea, this is this groundhog day experience that we're getting with Tom cruise. I think it's a win-win now I'm not a huge Tom Cruise fan. Mm. Really? But he's good. You can't deny that. He's good. He's

Fiona (08:05):

Very good in action.

Ben (08:05):

He may be a bit wacky and yeah. Scientology stuff. Yeah. Whatever. I'm not sure what that is, but he's good. Yeah. He's in some good films and it's a win-win for people in this scenario. Isn't it? Because you either get two hours of just watching Tom cruise do the same thing over and over again, getting a bit better and doing what Tom Cruise does. Or you get two hours of just watching Tom cruise just be killed over and over again. So if you don't like Tom Cruise, you're like, oh yeah. Okay. This is quite good. Just watching him die. I think they could have varied how he died a bit better. Right. Some of his deaths are like, oh, that's kind of comical when he is doing the, the simulation with Emily blunt. He's like, no, no I'm fine. Yeah. No, my legs.

Fiona (08:42):

Okay. She's brutal. She robs them. That's in combat. She kills him in the head on numerous amount of

Ben (08:47):

Time. Kills him in the head. Yeah.

Fiona (08:49):

She kills. Oh, she shoots him.

Ben (08:50):

She kills him in the head.

Fiona (08:52):


Ben (08:52):

She kills him in the head with a sky fi gun!

Fiona (08:53):

I was going to say something there and you've completely

Ben (08:55):

Just talked over me

Fiona (08:57):

Anyways. Uh, it's never mentioned how many resets that they actually get in the film at all, which I think they should have done.

Ben (09:04):


Fiona (09:04):

I would've liked to have known how many resets he had. The only mention of a reset is when Emily says that she watched someone die three over 300 times.

Ben (09:11):

Well, yeah. And I said this as well. When we were watching, I said, surely Tom cruise, would've lost his mind by now. He would've completely lost his mind. Yeah. Doing this, doing that journey in the car.

Fiona (09:19):

Yeah. What's the petrol?

Ben (09:21):

How many times have you done that?

Fiona (09:23):


Ben (09:23):

Few times. And it's all like, it's sort, sort of tongue in cheek. It's all like, oh how about this guy? How do you know him? Oh, well, you know, maybe I've done this car journey a few more times than you think I have more. Mm, it's like, fuck off Tom. You'd be sitting there. Absolutely. Just beside yourself going, oh God, I've got this conversation again.

Fiona (09:43):

When are we gonna die to relive this again?

Ben (09:45):

He's making a joke of it. Maybe the first or second time. But if this is the 50th time, you're not joking anymore. You're like, sorry, Emily. I'm the one who's not gonna speak because I'm so fucking bored of doing this journey. You

Fiona (09:55):

And having the same conversation. Yeah. Every single day.

Ben (09:58):


Fiona (09:59):

Um, do you know who is considered for the role of cage? Not sure about these two

Ben (10:04):

Nicholas cage.

Fiona (10:05):

No. Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling. Imagine Ryan Gosling as cage?

Ben (10:11):

Fine. They're both good actors. Aren't they?

Fiona (10:13):

Yeah, but I dunno. Cruz is good for the, the action stuff. Leave, leave crew at the action stuff. Leave Ryan Gosling goes for pretty boys.

Ben (10:21):

Does, does action. Does action. Well, Bruce,

Fiona (10:23):

He does. He does. I'm a bit upset that Brendan wasn't in this film more. I got excited when you told me that he was in this film more

Ben (10:30):

What's the setup with Brendan what's the whole setup with, with

Fiona (10:33):

He's a general.

Ben (10:34):

Okay. But I he's

Fiona (10:35):

A big boy

Ben (10:36):

Big boy. Right. But I mean the start of the film, we're seeing crews in the helicopter. He meets, he meets Brendan. What's the setup.

Fiona (10:43):

How do you mean what's the set-up? Well,

Ben (10:45):

Is it all planned? Is it all setup? Why is Tom cruise getting shafted the way he does? Whereas, oh, sorry Tom. Because he

Fiona (10:51):

disobeyed him

Ben (10:51):

You're off to the front line with your camera crew. And he's like, oh, well, no, I don't wanna do that. Cause I don't actually, I'm not a soldier. I don't fight. I, I just do this. Oh no. I don't think so, Tom. So he gets arrested cuz he refuses and he blackmails him. Yes. Right. So then he goes from that to, he gets his papers changed. He gets his rank demoted. No camera crew. No nothing. And he's just slung at Heathrow. Yeah. I was like, haha take that cruise. Is it because the world knows that this needs to happen. Tom cruise is the saviour. He's the one who's gonna kill the omega.

Fiona (11:23):

Dunno, no idea. But,

Ben (11:24):

But, but they don't remember that only Tom cruise remembers

Fiona (11:27):

That. But Brendan doesn't know about the omega, does he? Because I dunno. Well, oh well he should do because your man gave him the device and then devices taken off and

Ben (11:34):

Remember, right? Yes. So, so

Fiona (11:35):

They must know something about D omega

Ben (11:37):

Omega. Yes.

Fiona (11:39):


Ben (11:40):

Look, it's one of those films where it's quite entertaining. It

Fiona (11:43):

Is. I enjoyed

Ben (11:43):

It. Yeah. For me, I guess you watch it and you think there's just so many holes isn't there. Yes. There's plot holes. There's things that don't make sense, but it's a sci-fi film. So,

Fiona (11:52):

You know, I love a good,

Ben (11:53):

You have to suspend your disbelief don't you in, in this sort of situation.

Fiona (11:57):

So there's another film, a second film, uh, sequel of this film. Apparently

Ben (12:03):

I've heard. They may be doing one. Yes. It's based on a, a book. Isn't it? You, yeah. You didn't mention the book.

Fiona (12:07):

Yes. It's based on a book.

Ben (12:08):

What's the book called any ideas?

Fiona (12:11):

My research. Isn't good. It's

Ben (12:13):


Fiona (12:13):

What it is Jesus. But yeah, there's a new Film and apparently, Blunt and Cruise are gonna return to that.

Ben (12:18):

I'm sure they will be

Fiona (12:19):

Not sure about Gleason. If it is Gleason, I will watch it. Uh, what

Ben (12:23):

Else? All you need is kill is what the, is it a comic book or book? Even I've got that down. That's not even my part of the show.

Fiona (12:32):

I apologize. Do you? I'm I've still on holiday.

Ben (12:35):

What are you gonna do for the next episode? When we go back to the full length,

Fiona (12:39):

I'm gonna rely on you again. You're

Ben (12:40):

Gonna get an hour's worth of trivia. Yeah. Under your belt. Yeah. You're not even doing 15 minutes worth

Fiona (12:45):

Ben give over. Right? what else do you have to say, give over what? Come on. You've got two minutes now to pour your heart.

Ben (12:51):

Oh geez. What do you think of scifi? Eh, SciFi. Scifi. What do you think of it? I thought you don't like SciFi.

Fiona (12:57):

I don't like sky FFI but I like this film. Oh,

Ben (12:59):

You did? All right. Okay.

Fiona (13:00):

I like this film. I talked Tom cruises. Very good. And I liked the idea of the resets. Oh, that's what I was gonna say, Doug actually really enjoyed this, um, film and this type of film because he got to shoot until his scenes were perfect because they're reliving

Ben (13:13):

Day. Oh, that makes sense. Yes. Yeah. So

Fiona (13:15):

Enjoyed that. Yes. I liked Emily blunt in it. She wasn't sexualized in any way. Shape or form thankfully.

Ben (13:20):

Oh no. She was tough muscle.

Fiona (13:21):

She was tough. She was a muscle woman. She was

Ben (13:22):

Doing that stupid press up. Every time

Fiona (13:24):

She had a bit of, um, what's the word to her sass to her. When she went up, he asked her for help in the battlefield and she steals his charger and just fixed him off basically. Yeah. Like at that,

Ben (13:36):

Yeah. Then she gets killed straight away. Yeah. She gets killed. This is what I know. It was an ambush and they didn't expect it, but she's a veteran. She's she's the one she's she's the savior. Yeah. And she just gets, she stands still in a battlefield. And just looks at Tom cruise for about 15 seconds. I don't think so. How have you survived this long?

Fiona (13:54):

Cause she's good.

Ben (13:56):

Well, she's not,

Fiona (13:57):

She does her yoga.

Ben (13:57):

She's clearly not good. She, she dies. Well,

Fiona (13:59):

She does her yoga in her battlefield. Then

Ben (14:01):

Not enough time. What else? What else gotta talk about, oh God, the obligatory motorcycle stuff. Tom cruise. Oh he can ride a bike. Oh

Fiona (14:09):

Yes. He's always on a bloody bike.

Ben (14:11):

See him ride his bike. What about the crash? It to the pub or something?

Fiona (14:14):

Yes. What about the crash scene at the end? When he crash

Ben (14:17):

A plane? That's that's the bit full force when it cuz yeah. Oh, don't even mention the special effects. Pretty good. Actually, I wasn't that offended by it at all on the whole good. Oh. Sorry. The bloody

Fiona (14:28):

I loved where you just stopped talking. Right? Go on. Summarize.

Ben (14:32):

Yes. The effects CGI. Pretty good. Very good. Well put together those

Fiona (14:35):

Animal teams balance

Ben (14:36):

Between that and practical apart from the ending where Tom cruise is just getting raged dolled all, all over the place. When they get to the, they have to get to the Louvre

Fiona (14:43):

The Louvre

Ben (14:44):

In Paris. Oh

Fiona (14:45):

Right. Yes, yes,

Ben (14:46):

Yes. You know?

Fiona (14:46):

Yes, yes,

Ben (14:47):

Yes, yes, yes. That's terrible. He's just getting raged all he's he's fine. It's it's stupid.

Fiona (14:52):

I agree.

Ben (14:52):

It ruins it somewhat because it was up to that point. It was actually reasonably well put together.

Fiona (14:57):

I wasn't sure about the end either. Why did I survive? Not sure.

Ben (15:02):

It's just not enough time anymore. Why

Fiona (15:04):

They survive? Sickl of these! Why did I have to survive?

Ben (15:07):

Why doesn't make any sense? Is it because if, if Tom Cruise and Emily a back then they can do a sequence. Is you omega get back. Have we reset again? But we haven't reset. We've well, we have reset, but we've reset to the next day when the events of what they did were the night before. Okay. Because Brendan goes on and says, oh, we had this mass explosion last night. It's over. We've won. The mimics are dead.

Fiona (15:30):

Okay. I'm not sure. Doesn't really

Ben (15:32):


Fiona (15:32):

Sense. Does it? No, not on my little head. No, no. Anyhow.

Ben (15:36):

And Tom Cruise and Emily blunt and everyone else shouldn't exist. Surely. Well,

Fiona (15:39):

Yeah, because, because

Ben (15:40):

It should be dead. There's no reset. There's no reset. They've killed the Omega Yes, exactly. They've killed the brain. The sci-fi

Fiona (15:45):

And that's the idea. He taught that he was gonna it's

Ben (15:47):

15 minutes it's over

Fiona (15:48):

Oh. Sorry.

Ben (15:48):

The sci-fi trope killed the brain. You kill the

Fiona (15:51):

Right. It's over been it's over. Yeah.

Ben (15:52):

It's typical.

Fiona (15:53):

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. You can find us on the Facebook, the Twitter, the Instagram and all the other social media platforms. If you like what you hear, don't forget to like share comment and review. You can also find us over at the GameFlogegrs which is coming back soon. It is. It is. But it's not because we hate it. And um, you can also, uh, where else are we? Oh, Ben does stuff as well. Other stuff. The goodpods. The goodreads. I'm out of touch Ben. Yeah. That's

Ben (16:19):

It? No, I've got all the, the Irish stuff. Haven't I? The

Fiona (16:22):

Kids. Oh yeah. Yeah. I was recently at home, uh, visiting my family and then had lots of, uh, chores for me to do, which I gladly did.

Ben (16:30):

Yeah. They putting those in. They were really.

Fiona (16:33):

Yep. Well that's what you get. You know me? I put a hundred per cent effort into this.

Ben (16:37):

Yeah. Well the kids didn't. Oh,

Fiona (16:39):

I think I think they have my attitude

Ben (16:40):

I shouldn't have bothered. Oh, it was rubbish. They couldn't even string a sentence together.

Fiona (16:44):

Yes. Because they're all shy then. Because its uncle Ben

Ben (16:46):

Then I don't think they are shy.

Fiona (16:47):

They are

Ben (16:48):

Shy. I've met them. They're not shy. Well,

Fiona (16:50):

They haven't seen you in years.

Ben (16:51):

I wasn't there.

Fiona (16:52):

Right? Anyhow. what are we doing next?

Ben (16:55):

Not sure.

Fiona (16:56):

Say something.

Ben (17:00):

Oh, me and Tom are doing Stranger by the Lake

Fiona (17:02):

Oh, interesting.

Ben (17:03):

That's what I was just watching. So I was watching that to then go and talk about the edge of tomorrow.

Fiona (17:07):

I don't think I've ever seen as many penises walking around.

Ben (17:09):

Oh, oh boy.

Fiona (17:11):

I can't wait to actually listen to your and Ben's yours and Tom's uh, oh

Ben (17:14):


Fiona (17:16):

Yeah. Did you enjoy the film Ben quite?

Ben (17:18):

Well. Yeah. I think it's pretty good. Yeah.

Fiona (17:19):

How do you feel about your manhood after watching that all does fells running around? Not a problem. Okay. Enjoy how kinda penises didn't get

Ben (17:25):

Anyway. That's for, that's a separate review.

Fiona (17:27):

I don't understand.

Ben (17:28):

And I'm a French film, like, uh, tain, Titan, Titan Titane on the, we're doing the French experience. It's great. Yes

Fiona (17:33):

We are anyways.

Ben (17:35):

Okay. Yeah. That's it. Yeah.

Fiona (17:36):


Ben (17:37):

Cheers onto the segments. Woo Segments. Here we go. Segments. We're good at these now. Aren't we? Yes. We've been doing these for,

Fiona (17:45):

This is our third. 10. Yeah.

Ben (17:46):


Fiona (17:46):

Very good. I've been off for a week.

Ben (17:48):

Okay. Here we go. What's the first one.

Speaker 4 (17:50):

Say something I'm giving up on you.

Fiona (17:54):

Hiba has 10 seconds to say something.

Ben (17:57):

It was bomb

Fiona (17:59):

Here. Ben has 10 seconds to say something nice about one of the characters from the movie.

Ben (18:03):

Oh we doing from the movie or so

Fiona (18:04):


Ben (18:05):

Cause you really caught me off guard last.

Fiona (18:07):


Ben (18:07):

Think about oh Jada.

Fiona (18:08):

Yep. Um, and yeah, depending on his response, I will give uh, what's those things called

Ben (18:16):

Just yeah. What do you mean? Yeah. Happy or yeah. Dead inside. Yes. That's basically that's the fun

Fiona (18:21):

Basically. So Ben

Ben (18:22):

About yes. Oh, okay.

Fiona (18:24):

Now, Ben, you have 10 seconds to say something nice about my main name. Brenda glee.

Ben (18:30):

Oh yeah. Yeah. Good actor. Yeah. Yeah. Well, yeah. He's good. Yeah. Where's the countdown

Fiona (18:37):

In my head. All right.

Ben (18:39):

That's. Yeah. Very good. Lots of good films have been going a long time. It's great.

Fiona (18:43):

No, that was.

Ben (18:45):

What, what

Fiona (18:45):

Do you want? No, because you just said he's a good actor, Ben. That's it.

Ben (18:48):

Well, I'm not prepared for, I'm not prepared for this. Well, you should always say I don't have stuff in front of me. Did

Fiona (18:52):

You think positive to say about people? Ben?

Ben (18:54):

I did good actor. Lots of good films. As I said

Fiona (18:57):

Saying, no, I'm not happy with that. Ben.

Ben (18:58):

As I said in the first episode, what do I need to say? To get the happy one?

Fiona (19:02):

A lot more than that. What do

Ben (19:03):

You want from it?

Fiona (19:03):

A lot more than that

Ben (19:04):

On the spot. 10 seconds. What more could I have said?

Fiona (19:09):

Dunno. He had a lovely accent or something. Oh,

Ben (19:12):

I, I am dead inside.

Fiona (19:14):

Yes I am. I'm

Speaker 4 (19:14):

Sorry that I couldn't get to you.

Ben (19:18):

Well, I'm not sorry. I'm sorry. Now you are the one who you're such

Fiona (19:22):

A quiet.

Ben (19:23):

Sorry. You are the one. Who's sorry because you couldn't get to me. That's right.

Fiona (19:27):

Oh, I don't know. I'm so confused.

Ben (19:29):


Fiona (19:29):

Good. These segments next egg.

Ben (19:31):

What's the next one? Oh yeah. We would like this, don't we?

Fiona (19:34):

Oh yeah.

Speaker 4 (19:37):


Speaker 5 (19:38):

Are a smelly pirate.

Fiona (19:40):

So here. Oh,

Ben (19:41):

Oh, oh Christ. Oh God. That's ruined it.

Fiona (19:46):

So here we decide whether we are going to rent or

Ben (19:50):

Rent by extremely go to the cinema. Wherever the film is.

Fiona (19:55):

So yeah, I would probably rent this film again. I'd rent it. Yeah. Dunno if I'd go to the cinema to see it because it is Skyfire and I don't really like that kind of stuff. So yeah. I think I'd rent this film. What

Ben (20:06):

About you please? Fiona. The joke is so

Fiona (20:08):

Up. What about you? It's not a joke. Bend. It's how I say it. What about you

Ben (20:11):

With different letters, darling? So how it's spelled

Fiona (20:14):

Sky S sci.

Ben (20:18):

Yes. Is this? No, I, well, I don't think I'd power at this now. No, I don't mind renting it. Well, you know it was on now TV. Wasn't it now TV, if you wanna, you got now TV. Yep. 3 49 on Amazon. If it was on there. Ugh. That push. I really had to. I wouldn't be, I wouldn't be that over infused by paying three pounds 50 for it. That's true. If I can watch it free and, and extreme party, it,

Fiona (20:43):

It dawns it

Ben (20:45):

Terrible. You shouldn't do it. Don't do full stop. Don't do it. Okay. How many times have I gotta say it? Right? I'm gonna be saying that for the next. Well, however long this goes don't do it's bad. Pay the 3 49. Say tight. S

Fiona (20:59):

Yeah. Ben's are right. Tight. Ours.

Ben (21:01):

Okay. So no pirate on this one. No pirate. That's great. That's great.

Fiona (21:05):

That's good.

Ben (21:06):

Good. The next one. Um, oh, Flo score. Of course. Yep. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (21:15):

Oh, hi daddy.

Ben (21:17):

Can you not speak over the segment please, man?

Fiona (21:19):


Ben (21:20):

Okay. Flo score.

Fiona (21:22):

Yep. You, you, you all,

Ben (21:24):

Oh please. Ladies first. Oh, we gotta explain. Oh, so yes. Fog score one to five, five whips being a demotion. Demotion demo. One whip. Good. Being a light tap on the bum.

Fiona (21:37):

Yes. We like a light tap on the bum. Don't we? Okay. I'm going to give this fill one and a half

Ben (21:44):

Flos. Oh, right.

Fiona (21:45):

I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. And the only reason why I'm getting even the half is because of your, uh, Titan episode. I like the way you did the half a whip.

Ben (21:55):

No, don't don't make, so don't be influenced by that service.

Fiona (21:58):

I am influenced.

Ben (21:59):

No, don't be, I am give it 1.5. If you want to give it 1.5,

Fiona (22:03):

I'm giving it 1.5. And I wanna hear you saying half a whip.

Ben (22:05):

Well, no, that'd be you. Then you'd have to do it.

Fiona (22:07):

I'm not doing that.

Ben (22:08):

It's all.

Fiona (22:09):

No, go on anyways. How much are you given?

Ben (22:11):

Uh, well, I was gonna give it that probably. Oh, I'll just say 1.75 then. Oh,

Fiona (22:17):

You're so awkward. You're so awkward. Well, why are you giving it point? No, no. Sorry. Why are you giving up 0.2, five whip of them.

Ben (22:22):

I was gonna give it anywhere between 1.5 and two. I think two is probably better than two. So 1.75,

Fiona (22:29):


Ben (22:30):


Fiona (22:31):

Why can't you disagree with me?

Ben (22:32):

Well, because maybe you like it a bit more than I did. I think it's good,

Fiona (22:35):

But I think it's good.

Ben (22:36):

Yeah. Maybe you like it just a tad more than me. So that makes sense. Isn't it?

Fiona (22:40):

Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I'm okay.

Ben (22:42):

Okay. Right. There we go.

Fiona (22:44):


Ben (22:49):

And half which

Speaker 7 (22:52):

No, Gary Clarkson

Ben (22:56):

Seven, five. Okay. What's next? What have we got

Fiona (23:02):

Ordinary people then hang on.

Ben (23:04):

Hang on. We're just

Speaker 6 (23:06):

Ordinary people.

Ben (23:08):

Yes we are. Aren't we fear? Yes

Fiona (23:09):

We are.

Ben (23:10):

What's this about then's the, a segment about

Fiona (23:12):

This is where you shout out five people who are, you know, just not as big as us, you know? Cause we're quite big. Now you say

Ben (23:19):

We're a big deal. Yes that's right's correct.

Fiona (23:21):

But that's what you say anyways. I'm not really sure. I see that. But you turn

Ben (23:25):

Sorry Fiona. You you're ruining the segment.

Fiona (23:27):

Oh, sorry. Ben. Okay. Yes.

Ben (23:28):

Yes. We like to give back don't we Fiona? Yes.

Fiona (23:30):

Well you do. Yes.

Ben (23:32):

No, we do. As a show, we like to give back. Oh,

Fiona (23:33):

Okay. Yes we

Ben (23:34):

Do. So the more like indie podcast and the, the people who need a bit of a bump boost. Yes.

Fiona (23:40):

I like tapping the bump.

Ben (23:41):

Right? What have we got then? No, that's that's the flaws though. I know. What have we got? Sci-fi channel.

Fiona (23:47):

Oh, Skyfit love a bit. Scifi me

Ben (23:50):

Sci the sci-fi channel. Yes. They're an actual channel. Okay. So you know, reasonably big, but

Fiona (23:57):

Could be bigger.

Ben (23:58):

Could be a lot bigger. Yeah. Yeah. Like that could be this big. Yeah. But good content. Good films. Good TV shows. Keep going. Maybe get us on your channel. How about that?

Fiona (24:08):

Mm, not sure I'd fit in there.

Ben (24:11):

No, no. You need to say the channel name, correct? I suppose. Yeah. Start off with okay. Who else we got getting for a movie podcast.

Fiona (24:20):

Ooh. What's that one? I haven't heard of that one.

Ben (24:22):

Yes. You have Fiona. That's why we're shouting them out.

Fiona (24:25):


Ben (24:27):

Well I have anyway, I've listened to them. Good bunch of folk. Keep going guys. Science fiction. REMN we're doing some sci-fi ones as well. Yeah, I know because it's a sci-fi film. Isn't it?

Fiona (24:39):

You get it? Yes, I do get it. Ben

Ben (24:41):

Skate pod.

Fiona (24:42):

Yes. Very good. Yeah.

Ben (24:44):

Tom cruise. Why not? Why

Fiona (24:47):

Not? Yeah. How's he, he could do better. Couldn't he probably how's. How is Scientology doing?

Ben (24:53):

Oh dear. No, that's not. Let's not talk about that. We say they start following you and they start turning up outside the house and

Fiona (25:00):

Not sure we've got loads of fans turning up outside the house. So what's the

Ben (25:03):

Difference for their fans? We're talking about Scientologists.

Fiona (25:06):

Oh, they're scary.

Ben (25:09):

Queried. Maybe. Maybe not.

Fiona (25:12):


Ben (25:13):

We fixed space junk.

Fiona (25:14):

How many are you shouting out?

Ben (25:16):

This is the last one.

Fiona (25:17):

Okay. What's that one? Say that again? Sorry. I didn't hear.

Ben (25:19):

We fix space junk. Ooh. It's a comedy sitcom. It's sort of a hitchhikers guy to the galaxy vibe to it. Huh? You know, hitchhiker guy to

Fiona (25:27):

The galaxy. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Ben (25:29):

You don't dear. No. Okay. Yeah, that will do so. Good. Good stuff. Keep doing. You keep doing your thing,

Fiona (25:36):

Everyone. Well done. Lads. Keep her going. Especially you Tom cruise.

Ben (25:40):

Yeah. Tom, keep, keep fighting the fire edge of tomorrow. Two. When's that coming out?

Fiona (25:46):

Not sure I want to come out. Right.

Ben (25:47):

Okay. Okay. So yeah. And this is the first episode, which will have the, uh, the Irish people speaking.

Fiona (25:55):

Oh yes we did. Your fellas.

Ben (25:57):

Yeah, it was, yeah, it was good. Oh, Sorry. Fiona.

Fiona (26:01):

You should put the donkeys in as well.

Ben (26:03):

We don't have any sound bites. The donkeys. I don't info.

Fiona (26:05):

Yeah. But I've got them.

Ben (26:06):

Okay. Maybe. Yeah. Ride those next time. Yeah. So in the next episode where, uh, I'll get you to translate what the Irish children were saying because it doesn't make any sense. It's terrible.

Fiona (26:17):

It does make sense. Ben,

Ben (26:18):

Five star review and tell a friend. And I think there's something about, uh, one-star content, five-star effort, but they couldn't say that properly. So, so that's yeah. And Fiona's trivia is what was the, what was that

Fiona (26:31):

One? Embarrassing.

Ben (26:33):

Yeah. And, um, uncle Ben has to put up with yeah.

Fiona (26:36):

Yeah. 24 son

Ben (26:38):

20, no, sorry. 27. Not 24, 7. Just 27. So yeah, that's there. Okay.

Speaker 8 (26:42):

Thank you. Yeah. Have a good one. Cheer bye trivia trivia is Roberton at Phils five stars. Ben has to Fiona 27 be thinking about of kids version, version of films, eight to subscribe and tell a friend star content, five star efforts of film ands. Okay. Bunny, maybe think about leaving that you here's an example. We example we suck. Keep going. Five stairs. Film trivia trivia is embarrassing. Five stairs rate, review and subscribe here at flame Flos we pride our on offering one star comment with five star effort, effort. Good. And now to send you out the, of Ireland now to finish off the sound of Ireland.

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