76. Home Alone (1990)

December 19, 2021 FilmFloggers W/ Sophie from SP Filmviewers Season 1 Episode 45
76. Home Alone (1990)
Show Notes

Paul from Sp Filmviewers and I reluctantly let the ladies from our respective shows run wild for a festive chinwag about Kevin McCallister and his wacky Jigsaw origin story.

Wanna play Fiona and Sophie's game?

Happy Flogmas one & all!

For the fans.

Festive topics discussed during the episode include:

Confusion rains down during the intro.

We forget the 12 Days of Christmas Lyrics. I ask Fiona for help...

Are we not doing 12 days of Flogmas?

Paul & I make cameo appearances as it's all about us.

Ben makes more than one...

There's a really comfy corner in our bedroom perfect for rocking uncontrollably.

The ladies discuss their Christmas shopping.

Fiona and Sophie flex their respective Trivia muscles.

Fiona makes me proud with her Joe Pesci pronunciation...It quickly turns sour.

Was Peter McCaillaster fiddling drugs?

Do Fiona and Sophie want to spend Christmas by themselves?

Fiona admits she's a big kid. She comes across as very mature for her age—30 going on 5.

Fiona and Sophie discuss the family's approach to counting kids.

Not a lot of love for Uncle Frank? Who hasn't got a weird shouty handsy uncle at Christmas? Right? Right...?

It's all part of the festive experience. We can all relate...Can't we? Hello?

Where do I get my hands on a pair of these rubber feet? 

The ladies discuss who got the rawer end of Jigsaws games.

So Fiona played Macaulay Culkin's stunt double? Who knew.

What's Tom Cruise got to do with this?

This Joe Pessey, whatever his name is, sounds alright.

Is there too many M's in Macaulay? Too many N's in Culkin?

While 8-year-old Kevin was torturing adults, 8-year-old Fiona was building and eating mudpies.

Fiona talks about the big bastard who moved in during our Covid infested travels.

Is Fiona scared of pigeons? Was it from watching watch Final Destination 2?

Sophie talks about her yearly Christmas appointment with the stairs.

What are your Christmas traditions?

I would suggest dropping the presents and running Kris as Fiona will be waiting for you with a bottle of Baileys and two glasses.

I have no idea what you like, Fiona. 

Sophie and Fiona round off their chat by talking about the seminal Christmas horror classic: Michael Keaton's Jack Frost.

Fiona nails the marketing for our 12 Flog.

Have Paul and I been kicked off our respective shows?

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